Ways to Provide Support to Your Friend Who Is In Grief


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When your friend experiences grief, the support and condolences that he receives from his friends are critical to help him overcome the overwhelming sadness and loss he experiences. The support that he receives help him go through the different stages of grief in a more bearable manner, be it emotionally, mentally and physically.

There are different ways his friends can provide him with the support that he needs. The first support is to lend him a listening ear. His friends just need to be there with him with no judgement and let him pour out his woes and sorrows. They need not provide any responses if they do not know feel comfortable or do not how to console him. His friends’ presence are sufficient as they have provided him with an important outlet for him to let out his grief and emotions.

Secondly, the grieving friend may not be able to perform the necessary tasks for his daily living. These tasks include buying groceries and preparing meals, cleaning the house and doing the laundry and looking after their family members, especially elderly, children and pets. His friends can support him by personally tend to these day to day tasks on his behalf. If his friends are unable to help him with these daily tasks in person, they can enlist the services of outsourced vendors. Examples of services from outsourced vendors include helping him order groceries online, purchase meal subscription plans have the meals delivered to his doorstep, hiring a part time cleaner to do the households or a part time babysitter to look after his children.

Lastly, to buy condolence gifts for the grieving friend is another great support to give to your friend. This is because the gift conveys his friends well wishes and care and concern, which provides him with the comfort to help him pull through these difficult times. Seeing these gifts remind him that he still has his friends around him, providing him with the motivation to cope with his loss.

There are a few popular condolence gifts that friends buy to show their support. One of them includes books, which makes great condolence gifts as they can seek refuge from the story plots or comforting words. The words can also provide him with the right motivation and vibes to help him better overcome his grief. Another popular condolence gift is jewellery because by wearing the jewellery, he feels close to the demise and hence makes him feel better. The jewellery to consider for men is a bracelet, which friends can customise with a message to console him.

With these different forms of support given, the friend will be on the right track to recover from his grief.

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