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Picking a hosting service can be tempting and people usually go for any random hosting site without proper search where it can be risky for your site so get a proper hosting from a reputed and trusted hosting that can make your site hosting worth it. Since most web hosting preferred Linux-based these days, finding Cheap Windows VPS hosting you can actually rely on can be a difficult task. But if you are looking for Windows hosting for compatibility reasons, such as for ASP.NET or Microsoft Exchange which is highly used in corporate world than I have suggest the best hosting in this  article given below read further. 

Some hosts will capitalize on that need and can charge you more for Windows hosting but that is not in case of all hosting companies you should go with the trusted and genuine hosting while hosting your website.

Although Linux has amazing advantages, it cannot be the only solution you are looking for. That means, in the case if you have developed a website using Microsoft powered technologies and applications like MVC, .NET, ASP, VB.Net, SharePoint, Access, or any such other technology that falls under Microsoft, then you must be required a website that is compatible on Windows platform only.
Don’t allow hosting companies to hold you to get pricey plans keep reading to discover the hosts I recommend that offer the best windows shared hosting for stability and security is concerned for your website that is good for your business purpose. 

What We Look For in the Best Cheap Windows Hosting Services

When you’re looking for the cheapest but best Windows hosting, you often have to look for the genuine host that can boost your website excellence and keep your data secured. But there are some things I won’t go without. All the hosts on this list will give you: If you’re looking for something that can make your hosting adorable costing wise and you need to keep the costs affordable that cannot go beyond your budget than MilesWeb would be an great choice for you where it offers managed and unmanaged Windows VPS hosting for a fraction of the cost of other Windows VPS hosts. MilesWeb offers the best windows reseller hosting  them offer wide range of features and you can buy hosting plans from them and resale those hosting plans to your clients with their reseller hosting plans you can earn quiet well and make your own brand.

Why choosing Windows ?  

  • Full compatibility
    One of the most common reasons for using Windows hosting is that you get the excellent software compatibility for your business systems while you prefer windows.
  • Strong security
    Windows servers aren’t as secure as Linux so you need a host that offers excellent security and keep your website data safe while hosting with them.
  • Stable servers
    A good uptime in hosting industry is essential that you can’t afford to go with the hosting provider that upsets you in stability.
  • Value for Money
    Low prices don’t necessarily mean cheap. You must look for value added features like site migrations and  which is offered by MilesWeb for your site for free.
  • Money-back guarantee
    If you sign up for a plan but it if doesn’t fulfill or meet your needs, you can get your money back within 30days time period.


  • MilesWeb Windows Features are as follows – 

1) 100% Dedicated Resources

With MilesWeb you get the CPU and storage space that is allowed with your plans and that is not shared with other users.

2) Full Administrator Access

You can also host multiple websites and can install other software the control is given to you.

3) Plesk Control Panel: 

To manage multiple websites, emails and databases you have the option to buy Plesk control panel with it you can con your server for your reseller accounts and email accounts.

4) Latest Technologies :

All Windows VPS has pre-installed IIS, ASP.Net, PHP, FrontPage Extensions. MilesWeb does monitoring and also offers database support for MySQL and MS SQL.

5) Easy VPS Upgrades:

You got good features of without changing IP address you can easily upgrade your VPS plans.
6) Affordable Price :

Windows VPS hosting plans are affordable and ideal for the webmasters who need full administrative access for the website.

7) Powerful Hardware: 

The best hardware ensures the best performance and reliability of your Windows VPS hosting with MilesWeb hosting you get it as you expect and works perfectly.

8)  Ease of use:

Operating and managing the website’s functionality on the Windows hosting platform is easy as compared to Linux.

 9)  Supports .Net framework:

The .Net framework in Windows hosting receives the same support as their parent products.

  • Pros
  • High performance
  • Powerful and reliable servers
  • Excellent customer support

Additional features of MilesWeb

  1. Choose you’re Operating System: Select the operating system of your choice from CentOS, Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora, Debian.
  2. Choice of Control Panel: cPanel and Plesk are mostly used and recommended in control panels you can choose according to your convenient.

Check The Ratings of MilesWeb:

The 3 Main Vital Features for choosing MilesWeb: 

    • 247/365 days Support: You can contact Miles Web experts via live chat, email.
      and get your issues solved as soon as possible.
    • 99.95% Uptime: In today’s competitive world you cannot afford to let your website down even for a few seconds you can suffer a loss for it where as MilesWeb gives you excellent Uptime that is excellent for your website/business. 
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: MilesWeb cares for customer more and focus on their services. So if you are not 100% satisfied with their hosting services than are eligible to get your money back within 30 Days money back guarantee policy.
  • Conclusion

If you want to get your website hosted securely than MilesWeb would be an ideal option to get your Windows hosting on platform that can meet your demands and expect better services.  I will definitely suggest you go for MilesWeb Windows hosting as the superb hosting option for you and host securely with excellent support and services you won’t be disappointed.  

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