How to choose the best drill press in 2020? – Buyer’s Guide



I am about to tell you all the key factors you muster when buying a press drill. With these factors, you will easily find the drill press for your work.

Many woodworkers, or people that fabricate metals, need drill presses for different purposes. So in case you need one and want to make sure you have the best press drill for getting the most work out of it.

Guide To Choose Best Drill Press In 2020

Then keep on reading because I am about to tell all the key factors you muster when buying a press drill. With factors, you will easily find the best drill press for your work. These factors include the following.


The purpose is a principal factor when you are buying a press drill. It defines the work that is doing which requires the press drill. In case you’re working with wood then you should buy the press drills that are better with wood. But if you’re dealing with metals than do for the drills that are specifically designed for metalworking.


There are mainly two types of projects: the large scale and small scale projects. If you are working on a massive project then the floor model is the most suitable for you but in case you’re into a minor project then benchtop drill press can accommodate you instead of the floor model drill press.

Power and Speed

In the drill, press power is generated by the motor and served by the spindle. This power is measured in the Horsepower Unit. If you demand more speed than you can opt for a press drill that has greater Horsepower. Or if the holes need to be bigger in size than you should also consider a drill press with greater power. High speed will aid you in dealing with tough drilling with metals.


Chuck is one of the components of drill press that bear the most force and friction than other parts. So you must not compromise on its quality. Your chuck should be of high quality and high resilience. For instance, you should buy a chuck that is large in size and has a wider width. Also keyed chucks are preferable over keyless chucks. This is because keyed chucks can be tightened by a screw.

Tilting Table

Tilting table is a must-have item when you’re working with a drill press. The tilting table allows you to make angled holes. Such tables should give you a 360-degree rotation so you can drill a hole anywhere on an object. Thus drilling holes is so much easier for you even if it’s an angular one.

Depth Stop

When making holes of equal depth becomes your requirement then depth stop comes in handy. This depth stops will give equal depth to all of the holes that you are drilling. This will be very useful especially when you are working in a shop. So don’t forget to check for the depth stop.

Extra Features

There are certain drill presses that come with additional features. These include dealing with woods, sand woods and milling. Drill press often comes with additional features that are suitable for various types of jobs  Make sure that you know about all the features that are a must to get the job done. Only then can you have a press drill that can get your work done.

Control of Speed

In addition to all the above features speed control is also as much as important. Different types of jobs need different speeds and the speed controller can provide you that. So switching from a slow speed to faster speed comes at your fingertips. In short, your drill press must have speed control.


Weight also matters when you’re buying a drill press. A light-weight drill press is more stable as compared to the heavier ones. Greater stability will add smoothness to your work. Briefly, you will have an experience like never before and the best part about it is that it ill give you great results.

Warranty and Budget 

When people are buying drill press many keep budget as their first priority. There are plenty of drill presses that come in affordable sizes. These drills will also serve you with their functioning and high quality. So it isn’t necessary for you that you should buy an expensive drill press. For getting a highly durable drill press it should come with a good warranty. So that customer knows that it is worth their money.


After reading this article you have become familiar with all the key factors that you need to know when looking for a drill press. So don’t hesitate when you are buying this drill. These guidelines will take you to the right drill press that you need. With this article being helpful for you, very soon I will upload more of these.  So keep yourself updated.

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