Theofficialbron illuminates the stage in Clarksville, Tennessee!



Matthew Lebron also known as Theofficialbron had a successful show at the “Warehouse Concert Lounge and Event Center” on July 10th in Clarksville, Tennessee. He performed several of his hit songs for the crowd of over 100 that Friday evening. He performed “Game Time”, “Trenches”, “Running Man”, “No Time Wasted”, his unreleased hit “Ain’t Going Down”, and his latest single “Mind Right”. The crowd showed nothing but love since the moment he got on stage till the moment he left the stage with his entourage and left the event center. Alpha No Beta the label was contacted by The Concert Lounge to get Theofficialbron on stage just 2 days before the event to participate in Nashville’s artist Haystak’s birthday bash. The event was initially set for early, May but was pushed back to July because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Theofficialbron brought that hip-hop high school musical energy to the stage. He is versatile and it is evident by the way he switches up his “flow” between every song that he performed. This unorthodox rapper shows his unique sound on all his songs with his hypnotic voice. It was a sight to see as many soldiers stationed at Fort Campbell was at the venue watching the performance live.

Theofficialbron had plenty of performances in the past in Clarksville, Tennessee and they were all successful. He definitely tested the waters of live music in this time of the coronavirus pandemic. Theofficialbron didn’t let the social distancing deter the performance as there was enough space in the venue to practice safe distancing and still manage to have a big crowd attend the show. There was many people recording the performance live on their social medias to distribute the performance in real time to other people they believed would have also loved the show. Theofficialbron plans in the near future to do a virtual show where he will sell tickets at a reasonably cheaper price and have the show broadcasted online so that all of his fans can watch and enjoy the show at the comfort at their homes or wherever they are at the moment. Further info on this new upcoming plan can be found on any of his social media accounts as he will be promoting this as part of his future tour during this pandemic.

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