Difference Between New Heavy Metal Listeners, Posers and Metalheads



You want to know difference between new heavy metal listeners, posers and metalheads. Let me explain and you will find out which one are you?
New listeners are who explore the metal world. Mostly they are starting with soft genres like heavy metal, thrash metal, power metal, nu metal etc. Most of them was listen rock and hard rock before metal already.

Posers are who claims they are heavy, know and listen metal. Most of them know only Metallica, AC/DC, Guns n Roses etc. They aren not bad bands but they are not metal or whole metal world. They listen mostly rap, trap and pop. Even some of them hates metal! They just prentending they like metal. You can listen many genres but if you listen “mostly” this genres you can’t be metalhead. My recommend is you can listen blues, rock and punk other than metal. Because metal comes from blues, rock and punk.

Metalheads are who has passion for heavy metal. They listen heavy metal most of the time. They not like all the subgenres but they know most of them. Most metalheads listen classic and new metal; popular and underground metal same time. Because age does not show its quality. They have favorite songs albums bands and genres. It is not necessary but most of them wear black band t-shirts and battle jacket or leather jacket. Most of them play gitar, bass or drums or try brutal vocals. They have had at least 1 band.

Now I will explain to you difference between new heavy metal listeners and posers. If you are a new metal listener, you choose your path. You can act like you are not a new listener or wear the merch of the band that you don’t listen and act like you listen to them but you can choose the other path to be respected in the community. Even if you are inside of a group of old listeners, they will try helping you about the bands and educate you about metal. If you choose to be poser and get exposed after that, you will never get respect from the people who knows that you are a poser. Even if they still talk to you, you will never get the same respect that you got before.

Nobody will be unrespectful just because of that you’re a new listener. Nobody started listening to metal when they were a baby. You can be metalhead to.

If you are new listener and want to be metalhead or metalhead or even poser you can checkout our metal community. You can ask somethings, explore new music, meet new people, find members for your band and keep metal alive.

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