Zero the kidd rumor or truth



Zero the kidd has been having an impressive 2020 being nominated for an award and also surpassing 500k streams on Spotify are just some of the things this hip hop artist has done not to mention the multiple songs he has been collaborating on with also hip hop artist Kyle bent. Although zero the kidd has had a very productive year that still doesn’t stop rumors from circulating and the boynton beach rapper has been centerpiece of numerous ones.

If you following social media  zero the kidd you know he is very inactive but even so after the death of multiple African Americans multiple celebrities, influencers and all other people with big and small platforms alike to action and spread awareness but zero the kidd was not part of that wave, some thought he wasn’t in support of the black lives matter movement even though he his a African American male himself. But after a couple of weeks he has cleared everything up with no pressure from his fans or any outside sources to our knowledge he posted a heart felt video showing he advocation for the black lives matter movement he even recored a freestyle for the video which his lyrics are just as heart warming as the video itself.

Another rumor surrounding the young artist is that he is now in a relationship fans and some small media sources has seen him liking and commenting on a instgram account named @kk_croney upon our investigation we have found out this is Kayla Croneyis a entrepreneur and  a freelance podcast host/ journalist. just by looking at the comments you can tell something is there but by going to his recent blog interviews when asked about relationships he normally doesn’t comment but on July 22nd he and ms.croney conducted a instgram live interview where he not only answered the questions but in great detail some fans in the chat even suggested she was conducting a “Different type of interview” suggesting maybe she was using this platform to get to know the young artist and anyone in the live could tell zero the kidd was feeling the same way by the way he was answering each question trying to show the young lady what kind of a man he really is.

If that isn’t enough evidence almost a month ago zero the kidd asked his fans to vote on if they would make a good couple and they voted YES. There has been no confirmation that these two are dating or talking but all we know is the fans definitely want to see them together and think they would make a cute couple so the question remains will K+Z happen ? If you thought that was it about zero the kidd rumors you are sadly mistaken last but not least sources say zero the kidd is planning something big 2021 with his music some say he has an amazing sound that was supposed to be released this year in 2020 but due to covid-19 he decided to move it back to give the song and the fans a proper release for it. All we know is that zero the kidd is an amazing artist with some mystery surrounding him we can’t wait to get to know more about him for the days to come and we can’t wait to listen to his music such as his song that releases this Saturday July 25th featuring fellow hip hop artist Kyle bent.

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