Superstar Tayman about motivation, inspiration and going viral!



  1. Tayman can you tell us how you was introduced into the music industry?

My family loved music it’s like it came natural I always had it in me it’s in my genes. When I was in 3rd grade a teacher at my school name Ms. Askew took like in me she pretty much was managing me. She put me in the studios admitted me for shows & etc. she actually did a lot s/o to her it’s been a min.


  1. How do you feel about your music’s popularity?

I’m humble but I can honestly feel my energy rising. I was actually voted most popular & best dressed at my high school so I’ve always been known for being fly n flashy but my music is getting there


  1. What are your music goals?

My music goals are to use the music platform as a start to a foundation to expand & diversify myself simply venture off into fashion or even become an Arthur. The love I have for music just makes me want to do more on the platform.


  1. Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

It’s crazy because like I said it’s kind of n my genes, my mom is literally a singer, my uncle was good with the word play like the rhythm & bounce come from them. Outside of them I was young we were in the project I heard a lot of 2pac Soulja slime you know no limit, cash money the hot Boys, then it’s like lil Wayne took over the game.

  1. Who have been the most influential musicians for you?

Lil Wayne influenced me the most he was droppin the most all genre he help me open up be more creative with my flows it was like it was nothing I couldn’t say as long as I made it make sense it was cool. The metaphor game! Came from Wayne s/o to the goat.


  1. If you have to choose someone to collaborate with on an EP who would that be and why?

In the beginning of my career I was big on features I’ve work with young thug, future, cash out & many others. So at this point if I had the opportunity to do an ep my select would be the goat DeWayne Carter!


  1. What advice would you give to upcoming producers/artists?

To all upcoming artist The grind is real the hustle is real you got to learn the game educate yourself u build the right relationships. It’s a lot of trickery u can end up famous with nothing but fame. Make sure your business is together & don’t be afraid to invest in your dream life’s a gamble already

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