“Feed Your Enemies”- Entertainment And Message Rolled Into One Song



The prominent message “Feed your Enemies” is from the Holy Bible. It talks about the duties that you have towards your enemy. The Bible says “If your enemy is hungry, feed them, if your enemy is hurt, heal them”. Do you believe in this statement: “The better you do for others, the better will happen to you.”? And do you love to listen to powerful rock and hip-hop songs? If your answer is a ‘yes’ to both of these questions, this song is for you.

Feed Your Enemies” has been brought to you by the famous hip hop singer Only1Tipy on Independence Day. This is a highly energetic song that conveys a strong message to brighten up your day and give you more strength. It teaches compassion, care, concern over any sort of enmity.

If you love to listen to hip-hop songs and dance to their tunes, you will love this song for sure. The song encourages listeners to believe in themselves above anything.

Only1Tipy: Introduction

Trevell Franklin, widely known as Only1Tipy, is well known for his unique style. He is an American singer who believes in standing out of the crowd. He plays multiple roles from being a songwriter, artist, actor to the CEO of the entertainment label Freeway Music Group. He has the potential to breathe life into his music. Ony1Tipy got his name after completing one of his projects in about a month. He has been very compassionate about music throughout with a keen interest in entertaining people.

The natural human tendency during a fight is to just focus on victory and loss. This concept is great but humanity says if your enemy is helpless and needs help, if he is hungry, thirsty, and needs care, you should keep the dissent aside and serve your enemy.

An artist solely is interested in his craft. Art is believed to have the potential to impact people’s lives and help them to get out of their misery or sadness. “Feed Your Enemies” by Only1Tipy is one such song with the strength to move you and get out of your problems.

A Sneak Peek Into Feed Your Enemies

This song conveys the message that everyone has a lot of issues in their lives, but you should manifest your issues. You can listen to this song on different platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, YouTube Music, Jio Saavn, and Gaana. Rock music will energize you. This song’s lyrics are well written, to which you can connect. Its beat aligns with the vibe of the song. This song strongly sends a message to people to embrace yourselves as who you are. You have to recognize your positives as well as negatives and work on them. Embrace yourself and be the unique, special one that you are. Not just this song but an entire album of Only1Tipy motivates you to embrace yourself and know that each being is unique. We hope you love this song and would be more than happy to know your review of it.

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