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Passion is good but so are 1.1M followers on Instagram. The story of Instagram eminent travel blogger Mads Nordsveen is not just a textbook miracle but a story procured and coupled with passion for traveling. 

Mads Nordsveen success journey starts with his backpacking across the globe with a captivating camera lens and desire to capture the beauty of the world. It’s no wonder he names his magazine ‘Visit’.

The tale of the tour

Nordsveen began in Instagram’s earliest days and pioneered public engagement with his photos and sceneries. He started with uploading pictures of his travel bucket list with photographer credits. It was no sooner than he grew himself into an Instagram network.

His Instagram and website are like a ride. A ride to experience the breathtaking beauty, cultures, customs, and areas around the globe. His work feature starts from bleak-golden sun rises to the orangish tranquil sunsets around the world. His ability to use telepathy for people to numerous areas of the world they never could have imagined otherwise is remarkable. 

What was then a passion has now turned into a full-time business. Nordsveen is a travel influencer who manages multiple Instagram accounts (@mads,@lofoten, @north, @oslo, @bergen) now along with the travel binge to take those breathtaking shots for his followers. 

Photography tricks

Apart from the network of travel blogs Nordsveen also teaches some great photography tips and tricks through his experience. In his view, every place has its trick to take a shot as per the lighting, time, weather, etc. 

Few of Mads Nordsveen photography tips are:



  • Sunrise and Sunsets


Mads says that photos an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. It holds a lot of volume in this timing because of the beauty of the hour and the perfect lighting with fewer tourists buzzing around.



  •  Do your Homework


When you are traveling it is necessary to do your homework on the place. So does Mads suggests, it is good to learn about good photo locations and get your photography talents live.

How can Visit Magazine help you?

Mads Nordsveen’s passion has been huge and helps us sate some of our travel thrusts. Visit Magazine is like a promo to the place you plan to visit. So how can Visit help you?


1. Best hotels in proximity


Visit Magazine has a separate segment called ‘Accommodation’. This section enlists all the good hotels in a particular vicinity. This segment helps a lot of the first time visitors plan their trip according to their tastes.


2. Picturesque Spots


Vacationing and not Instagramming? I don’t think so. No worries because Visit Magazine has got you covered. It reveals some amazing photography spots that will save you all the hassle of editing.



3. Visit Podcasts


The coolest thing about Visit is the Podcasts that are easily available at iTunes, Spotify,         , Pocket casts, and RSS Feed. 

These podcasts give travel and business insights from places all over the world. It is like a complete guide of review 

The Visit Magazine is a treat to your globetrotters.

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