Rapper Miscellaneous Is Ready To Drop Music



Miscellaneous is a rapper; Strong, courageous, and organized. This is who he is. An artist moving up in ranks we see Miscellaneous taking the 2020 by storm with snippets of unreleased music and even an occasional leak or two. The rapper has been making music since 2005 thus extending his career over a decade. Miscellaneous takes his craft very seriously.

Amidst the chaos in the world, Miscellaneous still finds time to remain joyful and hopeful. With down time crossing over the world the means for making music seemingly is more of an attractive idea then previously imagined. Miscellaneous displays creative ways to market his music especially with his wits behind him. If we asked Miscellaneous what his first thought is on how clever one has to be and we’d expect a fulfilling answer back. It’s just how Miscellaneous operates.

Under his belt, his latest “behind-the-scenes” projects are crisp and clear. It’s no surprise that they are kept behind a curtain of anonymity due to the increasing demand for more. Projects, EP’s, Albums, Singles, and Music Videos: Miscellaneous has them all. His latest visuals for “Keep It 100” is a pure representation of how far Miscellaneous has came from 2005 to the present.

Miscellaneous is no stranger to well thought out mixing and producing. If Dracula Gang is not tapped in for mixing then Miscellaneous handles it completely on his own. All of his skills are proudly on par for an artist to become legendary. When asked, Miscellaneous states that he has a lot of new music coming out soon. There is only so much time in the day but Miscellaneous finds more than enough to make his music speak volumes.

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