Bhakoot Dosh: Effects in Kundali Matching



During Kundali matching or Horoscope matching through ashtkoot Milan, Bhakoot becomes very important in the process of matchmaking. Position is of Bhakoot is 2nd position from the top and 7th position from the bottom, and accordingly it carries 7 points or gunas. Several gunas or points are assigned based on how the Bhakoots of prospective bride and groom match with each other.
Bhakooot / Nadi Dosha
Kundali Matching highlights all the details of a relationship between the couple post their marriage. According to Vedic astrology, there are a maximum of seven points or Bhakoot Gunas allocated. All the nine planets or navgraha keep moving from one sign to another and from one nakshatra to others. Accordingly, the moon also keeps travelling from a particular nakshatra to a particular sign, like Moon present in Ashwini Nakshatra travels to Revati Nakshatra and from Aries to Pisces in a cyclic movement at any given point of time and place. Thusly, people born during this time of birth and place will have their Moon present in Revati Nakshatra and Pisces sign in their Janam Kundali or Birth Horoscope. Now Moon signs and Rashi of the natives are called Bhakoot and its matchmaking is done through Gun Milan.
Harmful Bhakoot Combinations
If the Moon signs or Bhakoots of a girls and boy according to the Vedic astrology, makes unfavorable combinations like 6-8, 9-5 or 12-2 Bhakoot dosh is formed that can be harmful for the couple post their marriage.

Let’s assume that the Moon sign or Bhakoot of a boy is in Cancer and the girl is in Sagittarius. Now, when we start counting Moon signs from the Bhakoot of the boy, it is found that the moon sign Sagittarius of the girl is placed at a distance of 6 signs from the Cancer, Bhakoot of the boy. Therefore, a combination of 6-8 is formed in the above case, which further leads to the formation of Bhakoot Dosh in Kundali Matching.

  • Bhakoot dosh of 6-8: This combination is also called Shadashatak Bhakoot Dosh and is said to be very harmful causing divorce or death of either one or both the partners in the marriage bond.
    Bhakoot Dosh of 9-5: This combination is also known as Navpancham Bhakoot and is said to cause harm to the couple post their marriage related to progeny issues and also the love bonding between the duo would be missing. Example- This dosh can be formed when the moon of one native is in Leo and other is in Sagittarius.
    Bhakoot Dosh of 12-2: This combination is called Dwadash Dwitiya Bhakoot and is said to cause harm related to finances, hereafter the marriage it would cause excessive expenditure and reduce the couple’s wealth position to poverty and poorness. (There is a catch, if Rashi lords are similar like Capricorn and Aquarius, then despite the combination of 12-2 Bhakoot dosha gets cancelled as the lord of both the rashi’s is ‘Saturn’.
    While in the extreme cases where other malefic beliefs are also present other than Bhakoot, there will be disagreement and fights in the relationship

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