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A lot of different kinds of organizations have to work along with one another in order to create a construction project. Recruiters typically expect everyone from apprentices to trainees and even graduates to fully comprehend how a construction project gets completed. Construction recruitment specialists PSR fully understand the project process enabling them to match the perfect candidate to a role.

This specific article will go over the traditional process showcasing how a construction project is built. However, some bigger companies will offer much more of a design-and-build type of service in which they will take on the traditional work of both a contractor and a consultant. Keep in mind, a lot of the larger construction projects can end up taking years to go from initial conception to being completely done.

 A construction project begins with the client.

  • Who decides that something should be built. The actual client might be a property development company, someone who is a local authority, or even a department in the central government. Likewise, they could be a private company or even an individual.

The client ultimately gets to decide what they want to build, what kind of time frame they want it to be built within, and how much their budget is.

The client will then hire specific construction consultants.

  • who will offer professional advice on different related matters including but not limited to the professional design, cost, and any specific regulations that they need to worry about. The client will then either hire several consultants or stick to a single consultant to provide professional advice. No matter what, one consultant or company will overlook everything going on with the project on behalf of the client in question.
Common Consultant Organizations Include:
  • Architecture companies
  • Cost consultancy companies
  • Mechanical, civil, structural, and electrical engineering employers

Then, consultants will oversee the design portion of the construction phase. They will be working to design the structure and figure out how much it is going to end up costing to build out. Once they have figured out the total estimated cost, they will be figuring out which construction company to hire. The contractors will end up bidding on the project and they will be showcasing why they should be hired.

What Is It Like To Work Directly For A Consultant?

If you are working at a consultant agency, you will typically stick to working in the design phase of the process. The architects work on the design of it. Any civil engineers will be ensuring that the technical aspects of the plans will work and any quantity surveyors will indicate how much the design is going to end up costing.

You work inside of an office…while you might be tasked with visiting sites and you may even be sent to work directly on a site, you are generally going to be sticking to the office.

You will work regular office hours usually starting at 8:30 in the morning to 6 at night. However, you may have to stay longer than usual depending on if there is a deadline close by.

You will typically work on multiple projects at once.

As you start to work on a project throughout the infancy stages, you are likely not going to see results for a couple of years until it is finished.

The consultant will work to get the contractors to finish the work.

As soon as a contractor has won a bid, they will begin the construction process on the site. The contractors will be tasked with ensuring that the project is being built within the budget and time frame they agreed on beforehand. They will be given instructions on the actual design from the consultancy that was hired for it.

What Is It Like To Work For One?

Any job roles that you will have within this type of company will be related to civil engineering, being a site manager, a quantity surveyor, or even a trade or crafts-person.

You must be prepared to work on sites no matter what the weather is like.

You may even need to work overnight in certain cases.

You should be prepared to work longer hours if you get behind schedule.

You will usually stick to working on a single project at once.

You will get to see things get built from scratch.

Some of the tasks you might have if you are a subcontractor include:

  • Seeing whether or not the reinforced concrete works
  • Working on the foundation(s)
  • Doing plumbing and electrical work

You should be prepared to work on-site Hot Water Brisbane and have very similar hours to contractors if you are working for a subcontractor.

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