Full transcript interview with Pakistan’s Emerging Politician Sultan Bajwa.



Sultan Bajwa is an emerging Pakistani politician from SanglaHill, Distt Nankana Sahib. He has been active in the constituency’s politics and have been working under his father, Tariq Mehmood Bajwa since 2015. Other than that, he has been leading Bajwa Group’s Youth Wing in NA-117. Today we got an opportunity to have a brief interview with him.

REPORTER: To start with, do you have any plans to start your Political Party?

SULTAN BAJWA: No, we have no plans to go for that. I believe that it is a great responsibility and we are not yet in that position to go for a new political party. I think you don’t need your political party or be in a public office to help and support your voters.

REPORTER: What are your plans for the next election? Are you planning to go independent or with any political party?

SULTAN BAJWA: Till now, we are planning to as an independent candidate for the next elections. Our main aim to serve the people of Pakistan and do as much as development works as we can in the given time.

REPORTER: Which constituency are you going to contest in the next elections?

SULTAN BAJWA: Insha’Allah we will go with the same constituency that is NA-117.

REPORTER: How will you explain the work of your dad in the area?

SULTAN BAJWA: He handles everything beautifully keeping in mind that Allah is watching him and I think that is the reason the people in his constituency loves him very much and despite contesting as an independent candidate in 2018, he got the second position, that itself is a great achievement

REPORTER: What other activities and business do you have?

SULTAN BAJWA: We have several family businesses like Flour Mills, Fish Farm and chicken control sheds.

REPORTER: Thank you so much for your time. Good luck with the next elections. Thank you so much for this great interview.


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