What is Instagram Stalking?



Now a day Instagram is a popular social media platform and most of us are using it. People are expressing their views, feelings, and thoughts through posting stories on Instagram and by changing their profile pictures. Everyone has followers list who view these stories and profile pictures and show their love by liking these posts. But there are some who not follow you but check your stories and posts. The checking of someone’s profile anonymously is called Instagram Stalking and someone who is doing this is called Instagram Stalker.

Someone is doing this because he/she likes you or having a crush on you or love you. Sometimes anyone doesn’t want to let you know that you are checking his/her profile then Insta stalker is the easiest way to do so. Someone does this because he/she wants to know what his or her ex is doing nowadays. Now a day some websites using this word to promote their services.

Insta Stalking

Instagram stalking is only possible when there is no privacy on someone’s account or profile. If someone’s account or profile is private, then you are not able to do Instagram stalking.

Instagram is a popular social media platform to express feelings so everyone wants to increase their follower’s numbers and also having the interest to know who is checking my profile. You can check this by seeing viewers of the story that you have posted on Instagram. This tells you who is checking your profile. If anyone didn’t see your Instagram story or didn’t like your post that you will not know about them. So sometimes people made another account with an anonymous name to check your profile and keep an eye on you.

So in simple words regularly check your story views if you want to know who is checking your profile or stalking at you. The list of viewers maybe not in alphabetical order. The reason for this maybe who is checking your profile mostly is on top of the list of the viewers. This may be also who likes your posts mostly. There can any reason for this list that is not in alphabetical order.

It is not necessary that every Insta stalking act is bad it can be good in some situations. For example, it can be good for any parents who have concerns about their children and want to know what is going in their life. There is all good in their children’s life or they are involving some activities on social media that are not good for them. So you can easily track your children by Instagram stalking. It is also not necessary that it can only be children it can also be someone else to whom you care about.

You can also know that who is stalking at you by downloading different apps and visit web apps that tell you about stalkers. By this you can know about that person who is stalking you and also you know him/her or there are random persons who are stalking. You can filter this stalking list and also you can block random persons who are stalking you to keep away destructions from your life. You can also avoid stalking by doing your account and keeping privacy high. In last use Instagram and let the people know around you that what you are doing and what you feeling and enjoy your life with Instagram.

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