New Tactical Smartwatch Topping 2020 “Best” Lists, Without Diving Deep on Pockets



When you take a look at someone’s watch, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? Quite obviously, one of the many thoughts would be that that person is always on time and they know how to manage their time, right.  That aside, a lot can also be said by the timepiece you select to have as your everyday go-to, but all in all, it has to be a functional watch that fits your activities. So besides being a great manager of time as well as being on time. Your watch tells far more than meets the eye.

Well, all that is true in addition to the style aspect any of the top tactical watches brings on board. But then again, what makes a good watch?

Let’s find out.

What makes a good tact watch?

Before we get to cover the best tactical smart watch list, let’s find what constitutes a good tactical smartwatch. Here are the characteristics of the best watch.

Durable material

When you get a watch, you want it to last, thus the importance of durable material. An exceptional piece will at least be made of stainless steel. Other sustainable materials are titanium and ceramic. The timepieces that are made of plastic and rubber may look appealing, but they have a brief life span.

Unbreakable watch glass

Imagine bumping into a wall with your hand, and your watch shatters, it is quite devastating, especially if the piece cost you a fortune. That is why the watch glass has to be break and scratch-resistant. The best watch glasses in the market are sapphire and crystal glass.

A functional watch movement

Yet another thing that makes a great watch is the power it runs on. Most are the quartz types that run on battery. These quartz batteries may or may not be rechargeable as there are quite a few that are solar charged. Then there are mechanical watches, so on and so forth. Your selection will depend on your lifestyle.


Indeed not all timepieces are water-proof, but we have to agree to disagree that having a water-resistant one is way better. A t1 tact watch that you do not have to remove every time you get into contact with water is very functional. If you have to remove your watch whenever you are washing your hands, taking a shower at the gym, or even swimming, misplacing it is a likelihood. With that, having a water-proof piece is best.

Keep in mind that there are different categories of such watches. The 10 ATM is best for swimming, 5 ATM for showering, and 3ATMs that can resist water while you wash your hands.

Stylish and durable watch strap

If you are into flashy or you are more conserved, the strap will say it all. The different materials will dictate the type of care for your watch. For instance, for a leather strap, you should keep the watch far away from water as possible. But for silicon, rain and moisture is no problem.



Now here is the most critical part and one that will dictate if the watch is fit for you or not. You first have to realize that watches are made with a target audience in mind. Some brands make them for luxurious purposes while others go for athletes and people who undertake activities with vigor.

For example, if you are a runner or an athlete, you need a watch with a timer. Climbers and other extreme sports athletes will also need features to fit their activity, such as an altimeter and heart rate reader, among others. With that said, everything, including the watches finish is essential.

A reputable rand

Last but not least, we take a look at the brand. Notably, some brands are superior in making a specific kind of watches than others, and that is what sets them apart. Others make watches fit for sports while others go for a different approach to make office pieces. At the end of the day, you buy what makes you happy. If a t1 tact watch is what you want, go right ahead and get it. And if it’s a Cartier, Rolex, Garmin, Timex, Casio or any other, so be it.

With that said, let’s take a look into a few pieces that will look great on your wrist and give you excellent service.

The top six affordable tactical smartwatches in the market


1. T1 Tact Watch Midnight Diamond

The piece is an all-black military-grade piece that has grabbed style inspiration from the classic 1990’s sports watches. It is manly, sophisticated, and jam-packed with features that any athlete will find appealing. It has functions that come in handy for a simple gym workout, or a climb in the highest ridges. Additionally, it has Bluetooth that pairs with both Android and iOS, allowing it to act as a remote control and displaying push notifications on your phone. You can get all these cool features at $94.99.  It’s exclusively sold by the brand on their website on or reach them via instagram @T1TactWatch.

2. Suunto Core

The Suunto Core retails for $219.00, which is an affordable price considering the features the piece comes with. The watch is an all-black watch just like the t1 tact watch above. The piece has an inbuilt barometer, compass and altimeter plus other tough and rugged watch features. For this reason, it is perfect for anyone involved in extreme activities, such as rock climbers, hikers and mountain bike riders, among others.

3. AmazFit T-Rex

At the price of only $139.90, this rugged watch comes in a variety of colours, including black and green. The piece has exceptionally high heat resistance from -40 to 70 degrees. This then makes it ideal for explorers and historians who are carrying out researches in both hot or cold places. The AmazFit T-Rex watch is Bluetooth compatible with both Android and iOS phone. More so, the GPS capabilities make it even better for researchers and even hikers to use in the field.

4.Timex Expedition

This timepiece goes for an estimate of between $70 to $100 depending on where you purchase it. The piece is solar charged, making it perfect for the wilderness outdoors without electrical output ports of any kind. The timepiece looks like an ordinary watch, but it is far from being ordinary. It features a big, round silver-tone brass casing with a flat, brushed edge framing an olive green clock face. The face has visible Arabic numerals in addition to inset 24-hour notations, glow-in-the-dark clock hands, and a date display strategically placed on the 3 o’clock slot. The Timex expedition battery has a very dependable life span that could go days without a recharge. Remember, it is charged by a light source, so as long as there is light, you have power.

5. Garmin Instinct

The Garmin Instinct retails at $299.99. Well, despite its high price as compared to the others, this piece is worth being on this list as it has valuable features. For starters, the piece is lightweight and flexible making is versatile to be used both in the jungle and in the office. Secondly, it has multi-GNSS satellite support, which means that you can be traced from anywhere in the world if you ever got lost.

In addition to all that glory, it is a smartwatch which means that it supports a multitude of apps by connecting to your devices which can be great for workouts and also for communication purposes. If you forget to charge the battery, worry not as it can last you up to two weeks without a recharge and it will still work in full capacity. If that is not value, then what is?

6. Casio G-Shock

This piece retails for $380, hence it’s still in the safe zone. It is the perfect watch for people who love the outdoors. Such as hikers, bike riders, climbers and explorers, to name a few. What makes this watch perfect for such activities is that it is shock-proof. Rubble, dirt, dust and debris have no chance ruining this piece. Even when in mud, you just wipe it off, and it will still function normally. It is also water-resistant up to 200 meters hence making it a great option for those browsing all the favorite tactical watches in need of one for water sports.

Bottom Line

Your choice depends on the activities you intend to engage in when wearing the watch. However,  it’s not practical to have all the six tactical watches in your possession, having one is enough as they are all affordable, functional and most importantly can tell time. No more getting late for that meeting or guessing the altitude as you climb, try one, or even try them all. What’s better is that they all fall in a reasonable price range, hence the ball is in your court. Although if one were to be chosen, the t1 tact watch would win hands down, the piece is an all-rounder with all features found in all the other pieces. The smartwatch is perfect for in-house or outdoors. It is just what you need.


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