Ultimate Cord Cutting Guide: Why Streaming Service is better than Cable TV



It has been a never-ending debate about whether to cut the cord or not. Is it a wise decision to ditch your cable TV provider or a silly decision made only to save few bucks? The emergence of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Amazon Prime Videos, and HBO GO has attracted people to ditch the cable forever. 

Some people think it’s a suitable option because they are not interested in watching live channels and sporting events on television. All they need is a pack of popcorns and a comfortable couch to binge watch TV series on Netflix or Hulu with their insanely fast AT&T Internet. No doubt, AT&T Internet is a great option when one is choosing to cut the cords, however, others might not agree with the decision of ditching cable TV, as it provides a multitude of channels, live coverage, and premium channels. 

Both groups of people have valid points to stay with whatever they are using. However, if you are still not sure whether to cut the cord or not, just make sure to go through this guide. Let’s dive in and see whether cord cutting is right for you or not. Stay tuned. 

Pricing Module 

According to research by eMarketer, despite the surge in price in recent years, cable replacement plans or streaming services cost less than half as the consumer pay for cable TV. The fact is that they get less programming than cable TV, which is ideal for nomads and frequent movers. 

However, some services offer up to 70 channels including cable channels and local broadcast. The price is around $45 to $50 per month, which is almost equal to cable TV. But the fact is that localcabledeals helps you out in choosing by offerring bundle packages that include cable, internet & more, and telephone. The cost of streaming services is still cheaper than a basic cable TV plan. 

Set-Top Box 

As mentioned earlier, streaming services are ideal for frequent movers. There is no need for any equipment or installation. Just sign in to your account through a smartphone or smart TV and watch anything on the go. You can even access the streaming service through plug and play device into any system that supports the device. Roku streaming stick and Apple TV are some of the popular devices that give access to shows and movies. Some Streaming services also offer cloud DVRs free of cost to record your favorite shows. All you need is to buy a streaming player without incurring monthly charges.  

When it comes to cable TV providers, you are provided with a set-top box. Apart from the monthly fee charged on the set-top box, you also need to bear installation charges. The bills can go up to as much as $100 or more if you add DVR service as well.

Fees and Other Hidden Charges

Cable TV providers play some tricks on customers by adding hidden charges out of nowhere. While researching for an inexpensive cable TV provider, you will come across plans and pricing that looks lucrative. However, the fact is that the advertised fees are just a glimpse of base charges that you need to pay every month. Most cable TV providers will also increase the price after a year or two. Some of them may restrict you to sign a contract for a certain period. In case, you cancel the services before the contract period ends, a hefty amount will be charged.  

You need to pay rent for equipment, installation charges, and other add-ons that you have added to the cart. Moreover, the monthly prices may vary from one location to another. Just make sure to check the availability of cable TV providers in your area and monthly charges that you need to incur every month. 

On the contrary, when it comes to streaming services, you just need to pay a monthly subscription – no hidden charges, no bullshit. In case you opt for additional services such as DVR storage, you will be charged accordingly –but unlike cable TV, you don’t need to strike your head against the wall to solve hidden charges mystery. You know what you are paying for – that’s all. 

Summing Up 

There will always be a hard battle between cable TV and streaming services. It varies from person to person what suits them best. For individuals, the streaming service is the best option. While for big households, cable TV is a better option. The rest is unto you. 

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