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Golden Way Media Films has announced their script writing and script coverage service.

Using current Hollywood industry standards, Golden Way Media Films’ expert screenwriters will take a production company’s story idea and turn it into a fully fleshed out synopsis, treatment, short film screenplay, feature film and TV pilot. The company ‘s script writing service offers a  breakdown of characters and their arcs, storylines, locations, themes, tone, episodes and seasons. These are essential pitching tools for selling a movie or TV concept to investors or Hollywood producers.

Most independent film producers Golden Way Media Films have worked with hire them to write a synopsis or treatment, which they then bring to investors for development money. The better developed the idea is the easier it is to sell or raise finances for. Development money is used to have a full length screenplay or pilot teleplay written (which we are also available to write) and attach actors.

Golden Way Media Films offers three packages for script writing and screenplay writing from a short film to feature length screenplays up to 120 pages.

The company also offers script coverage.

Golden Way Media Films has offered earlier the following services through their headquarter  Golden Way Media

  • Explainer and Whiteboard Animation
  • Sales Video
  • On-Camera Spokesperson
  • Crowdfunding
  • Product Demo
  • Company Overview
  • Documentary
  • Educational Video

Their writers  are specialized in writing copy for several industries including:

  • dental clinics
  • consumer packaged goods
  • energy service
  • cable/TV/mobile
  • small businesses
  • healthcare
  • non-profits
  • education and more.

They offer three script coverage packages such as:

Basic package:  fix your logline
Standard Package: fix your nutshell and logline.
Premium package: Evaluate your logline, Nutshell, Concept & Originality, Character & Dialogue, Plot & Structure and commercial prospect. You will receive a scorecard along with coverage.

Contact Golden Way Media Films today for scriptwriting and script coverage service.

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