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Iranian video game developer, Habib Alejalil released his latest indie game. MADELA is the name of his new open-world, 3rd person game, which available now on Steam. Let look more at the game and developer.

His open-world video game

“MADELA” released in January 2020 as an Early Access title for Windows, the game looks interesting, especially when based on the real city of Istanbul; according to the publisher’s development process will take few years but the short version of the game available on Steam.  

The buildings of the Bebek area of Istanbul are used at the game and make the game realistic, but at this time, players can play only a few short scenes of the game. but by the time game will receive an update and new scenes will add.


• Some parts of the city of Istanbul designed.
• The game has been produced creatively and also based on reality.


The game can be purchased from here


More about developer

Habib Alejalil is an Iranian game developer and computer programmer who started the made games since 2014 for mobile phones. At the age of 15, he released his first game about popular Iranian Tv series “Capital” on Sibche Store.  
Working as a video game developer is not easy, especially in the middle east, because US boycotts developers have a lot of difficulties and limited tools. Alejalil started this business by selling his iOS apps on the Iranian local app store, whose name was Sibche or Sib app.


Before game developing

He started coding with HTML at the age of 12, but after a few years, he launched his own social media platform which name was Blackdiamond and was only for wealthy people, that app was connecting the rich people around the world and the app price was $299. and the confirmation of you’re rich enough or not was the price of the app.  
Before that social network, he released more app in security and cryptocurrency filed, one of them was Secret Files +, according to the App Annie, that app was in the ten lists in the Turkey region.


New projects

According to his Twitter, his next video game will be released this year, is for iOS and Android devices, and will be a 3D, action, multiplayer game. However, his developer profile is currently not active. It seems like he is going to release on his newly founded company credit which name was A Plus Studio and also his latest game released on that company name and credit.

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