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The latest standalone of Facebook until today does not have adequate segments for casual gamers or usual esports streaming audiences. For years, Facebook has been on a path to improvise or broaden its strategic stodgy reputation in the game community. The assistance of virtual reality along with game streaming platforms has helped it achieve the objective and pushed cloud gaming into it. The Facebook gaming app has a list of advantages, the coolest of which is that it provides maximum game diversity to play directly from the application. The list essentially includes Helix Jump, Cookie Crush, Uno, Solitaire, 8 Ball Pool, Quiz Planet, Words With Friends, and many more. 

For over the years, Facebook has invested in the gaming segment and partnered with various communities and creators to develop their game streaming services and host esports tournaments. Despite the large user base (more than 2.5 billion users every month), when it comes to game-play, Facebook lags behind YouTube and Twitch (owned by Google and Amazon respectively). But with the Facebook gaming app, it is expected that the Facebook gaming segment will exponentially grow.


Facebook Gaming App And Further Add-ons is the latest official application from the Facebook gaming platform that enables users to watch live streams or stream their videos. We can easily relate this to other popular platforms like Mixer or Twitch. From the main tab of the application, you can have a quick look at all the popular game streams and join any of them with a single tap. Users are allowed to watch all the live videos along with other activities like dropping comments, interacting with other users. Whenever your favorite streamer will start a video, you will be notified. Facebook gaming application guides you to a different world of gaming. You can share fun games with the top streamers and get to play some amazing games instantly. All the games are centered on the fields of shared interest and filled with infinite options to play. 


Take your chance to play the best games. Following are the activities which you can enjoy on Facebook gaming app–

  • WATCH- this is the most preferable amenity for the game streamers. You can also discover the latest games in videos and the products of top publishers. Facebook gaming app has a whole new world of fun and games, all you have to do is Tune in.
  • PLAY- you can play instant fun games anytime anywhere and the best advantage is that there is no specific requirement to download the game. Whenever you wish to play the game,  you won’t meet any barriers.
  • CONNECT- Facebook gaming applications are best for everyone and are compatible with most of the Facebook data plans.


 More Details About The Application

Since the last 18 months, Facebook applications have been under development across various South American countries. The only thing prioritized and focused during the app development is- Mobile gaming services. Facebook gaming application has various interesting features to make your game-play a fun-filled activity. It is loaded with plenty of games for windows as well as Android and without any doubt, you can broadcast your videos.

By launching the first online game streaming application as a Facebook gaming app, Facebook has officially entered into the gaming world. Currently, the application is available for Android and Windows and it is under work for the iOS users. This application is highly focused on a gaming experience where users can watch their favorite game streams live and they can also participate in instant games across various groups.

‘This application is specially built around enhancing the Mobile gaming experience’- said the vice president of the company, Vivek Sharma to the New York Times. It is further claimed that the application cannot be solely used to participate in the games or watch live streams rather it will also be used to participate in games with other users. Facebook gaming applications also use Facebook databases in order to rank their friends and send them an online invitation to join the platform. 


With a single click of the button, it will be easy to stream live videos on social media. However, it will discourage to use third-party streaming services options. Earlier launch of the application was planned around June but amidst the global pandemic, the company has decided to fast track it. It is also speculated that the global shut down will give a beneficial edge to Facebook.


The Facebook Game Streaming Has Its Separate Base

Facebook gaming application is referring to a hub of games where the users will get to watch live videos posted by other users. This platform is cataloged as per the game patterns and it allows app interaction through the chat panel. This application is inclusive of the most awaited feature ‘go live’ largely focusing on streaming community of the gamers along with slightly highlighting the casual games. The latest application is all set to be launched around May 2020. Initially, Facebook has plans to release it for Android and windows but, FB gaming application for iOS devices is also underway. Earlier, the release was in June but considering the recent demand and situation, Facebook has decided to move it up. The reason behind the rush of the company to release the versions of FB gaming apps is expected due to the global lockdown and ugly turn of coronavirus. 


FB gaming app also has the latest beta update that allows gamers to stream their play directly from their smartphones. The latest application only requires the login details of your social network to access the services. The best advantage of this app is that along with watching Live streams you can also play a hundred shop instant games without downloading it. All these games are pre-installed on the application. This application also has timeline tools in the search bar and you can easily find the streamers or games as per your interest. It also has reliable social media integration that lets you share, comment, or react to every stream easily.

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