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In the year 2016, the renowned BitTorrent site ‘Kickass Torrents’ was taken down by the US authorities after its owner was arrested. This peer-to-peer website became most popular and it was framed as the biggest piracy hub when The Pirate Bay went off the rails. Shortly after the force to shut down the original website, a group of dedicated users launched new kickass torrents in the hope to bring the actual site in an active state.


What Are Proxies, Domain, And Mirror?

The websites mentioned in this article are the clones of the original form. It is possible that they might not be the real thing but the new kickass torrents will work exactly like the original website. These clone websites are known as proxies or mirror websites and their advantage is that they get updated from time to time.

The new kickass torrents have launched the latest option that looks identical to the former website. It also hosts a variety of torrent files or magnet links for TV shows, movies, games, software, or music torrent. The new website is back online having devoted staff and uploaders. On its launch, the team has officially said- “we will have the main uploads on board and they will continue sharing the files tirelessly before the engines turn. The community will also keep expanding and will expect to see the uploads from different names they know and have trust”.


Several Australian ISPs have banned access to around five different torrent websites including Isohunt, and Pirate Bay. Following this instant shutdown of the original websites earlier this year, various new kickass torrents came into the frame and they are claiming to be the actual reincarnation. Below mentioned is a list of few proxy sites-

  • kickasstorrents.t


Many of these torrent proxies and mirrors involve malicious copycats. This website also attempts to capture the personal information of users or credit card essentials. However, the team managing the new kickass torrents has assured that the pirates will be safe and secure at the latest portal. They have further added- ‘we choose to rebuild and keep on the safest elements in order to keep our members and users safe. Even though the rebuilding process takes longer, the safety and security of our community come first’.


Some of the best torrent websites just like new kickass torrents are as follows-

  • TorLock
  • The Pirate Bay
  • iDope
  • Yify Torrent
  • Extra Torrent
  • LimeTorrents
  • Zooqle
  • Dirty Torrents


Some of these websites may not be accessible from your end, this is because your ISP might have blocked them. In any case, you will require a virtual private network to access the new kickass torrents. As it is illegal for a few regions to access Torrent websites, using a VPN can help you hide from the ISP. The proxy or mirror websites are managed by many admins therefore you may observe the difference in them.


Is It OkayTo Use New Kickass Torrents?

If you are not satisfied with the new kickass torrents then you can find a number of alternatives for the same. One of the leading Torrent websites all across the world is ‘The Pirate Bay’. However, it is a little difficult to use new torrent websites so you have to choose wisely. Kick-ass torrents are also known by the name KAT which is a Torrent download website that allows users to download copyrighted movies or software for free. This has attracted millions of users towards the platform. But due to the active share of pirated content among users, the US government decides to take the website down.


Many users are constantly approaching the platforms to know when the original website will turn back. But there are high speculations that it is not returning, at least for now. It has been a lot of years since the website was taken down by US authorities. Also, the domain name was taken away from the original owner, it is possible that the KAT website will come under a different domain name. Well no matter the case, you have to rely on new kickass torrents until you have a handful of options.


The New Kickass Torrents Are Back In Trend

The craze of the Torrent website was so evident among the internet users that they still keep looking for its alternatives. The evolution of new kickass torrents is an effort that has been made to help them grab useful content. With the significant rise of free online streaming options for movies and TV shows, the ecosystem of Torrent content has shrunken. But there is still a way to go where users can rely on the kickass torrent alternatives.


NOTE: The reference of new kickass torrents and names of similar websites mentioned in this article are included with the purpose to offer information. Our platform discourages using Torrent websites that violate copyright protected content suites.


If we go down the memory lane, Kickass torrent rose to fame and success. This made the website takeaway thrown from several other platforms but in the year 2016 Kickass torrent faced wrath from the US law enforcement. The authorities have arrested the owner of Kickass, Artem Vaulin. Since the time, various copy cats under the same have tried to manage the users for a while. It is worth noting that a group of dedicated users is trying to revive the lost glory of the website with the help of new options.


The name Kickass Torrent website is friend under a negative sense and its ecosystem is also categorized legal. This is mostly because of the violation of copyright content that exists all across the network. However, it has to be accepted that the protocol and network are not at all legal and there are various options through which you can access legal Torrents. From the same fact, you can interpret that you can use the legal kickass Torrent alternatives.

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