The offered programs by the AIOU in all over Pakistan.



AIOU offering many different programs all over Pakistan to provide easiness for the people of different field interests. It enlarged its educational field for the people. AIOU conduct many training facilities to support those man and woman who work in an office just to improve their skills more attractively.

They actually offer the semester system two times per year such as Spring Semester and Autumn Semester. Even one and a half million students from different cities in Pakistan can register their selves to AIOU. You don’t believe that but AIOU offered above two thousand courses for the students. For their studies, there are been 1172 Study centers built-in all over Pakistan.

Do you think that how many books are published for the AIOU..?

There is the largest publishing printing book house in Pakistan who prints more than 1.8 M books for the institute per year. Allama Iqbal Open University has become more registered teachers.

It’s very difficult to maintain and save a large number of students’ record but they did and doing well. It’s the largest first institute that manages and saves the authentic record of the students from all over Pakistan. The main campus and sub-campuses are permitted to discuss the complaint and issues related to institutes students and many more.

They did a corporation with Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission to get access to the labs for their students for practical performances. You can register your-selves for postgraduate-level programs in particular education.

They set their registering percentage criteria for the students.

Seventy percent of students can be registered in the university while Fifty percent should be females. The interesting thing about this university has that they are offering multiple programs to the people of every age. They set no age limit is required to get register in the Allama Iqbal Open University. It is open to all. They ensure this thing that every person of Pakistan should get the education of his or her interest with less cost.

AIOU gets remarkable awards such as UNESCO NOMA Awards and Raja Roy Singh award for creative planning methods to reduce the literacy from the rural regions. 

AIOU offering their Tutors for the international Students.

Allama Iqbal open university is in Pakistan but they don’t stop the people from all over the world to get enrolled. But as they are not present in Pakistan, there must be a tutor to learn them about the studies as AIOU have no online website to hold online classes for International Students. It might be possible that in 2020, they will announce any good news for the foreign students related to Tutors.

They did little effort on it and PCB Education’s are offering this resource globally to check their submitted assignment tasks and give them online marks. The only thing you have to this is, to just Enter your roll number and get your AIOU assignments and trace its status online.

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