How We Can Cheat Turnitin



Scoring well in essays and projects can be a tough task with professors using various online tools to check your assignment for plagiarism. Whether you have taken reference online or just added some points from an authentic source, your assignment can be easily tagged as plagiarized, resulting in lesser grades for you.

One such plagiarism checker is TurnItIn, which as a student you might already know is being used by professors, colleges, and universities from around the world for years now. The purpose is to make sure that students submit original work only, instead of copy-pasting content from the internet that is easily accessible to them. Mostly for online programs and submissions, colleges have TurnItIn in the online blackboard that automatically checks submitted papers for plagiarism.

A major issue, however, is that the tool is not 100% what it says when it comes to effectiveness. Legitimate and unique papers too, are sometimes flagged for plagiarism. As a student, you surely must have wondered how to dodge this tool and get good grades. So can TurnItIn be actually tricked? The answer is — a big yes! Keep reading further as we have put together 4 proven tips on how to cheat Turnitin effectively and with ease.

1. Convert Documents Into PDF Files

If your professor allows you to submit papers in the document as well as the PDF form, the easiest way to trick the tool is to simply convert your file into PDF format. A lot of TurnItIn users say that this is the most effective technique as converting the file changes the character maps of the text. This makes plagiarism detection harder.

2. Translate Text From Another Language And Paraphrase It

If you are a multilingual person, you can use it to your benefit! Taking help from a translation software, translate your essay into another language. Then, try to paraphrase the same and do some proofreading. This makes the content unique and hence, it becomes difficult to find its source. The drawbacks, however, are that this could take time and effort, especially because you will have to check the document for grammar and errors once your essay is translated.

3. Use A Different Language Keyboard

Without actually changing the content in your assignment, you can trick any tool with this simple yet smart move! Just change your keyboard settings and replace similar-looking letters from different languages. A lot of languages have similar characters, for example, Cyrillic and Latin “c.” Plagiarism software is likely to ignore tracing the text and its source as it will believe it’s a different language.

4. Write A Plagiarism-Free Paper Yourself Or Get It Written By Someone Else

Another easy and more ethical way to dodge plagiarism detectors is to write a unique paper by yourself or get it written by someone else. There are many experts out there that you can hire for writing for you an original piece of content. You do not have to worry as the expert will take care of the plagiarism-checking software like TurnItIn.

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