Catholic Booster Applauds Parochial Schools as they Transition to Distance Learning



The overwhelming majority of schools in the United States have been closed for at least a month due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result of COVID-19, Catholic schools around the nation were forced to quickly adapt to a change in curriculum and expectations almost overnight. Catholic Booster applauds their efforts.


Catholic education is different from its secular counterpart in its religious traditions and components. An extra-classroom curriculum done virtually offers many challenges. At a time when churches are closed from coast to coast, religious students are unable to pray in the settings to which they are accustomed. Communal prayer at the beginning of class or other spiritual ingredients of daily life in a parochial students are difficult to replicate from a distance.


Many schools are meeting this challenge in their effort to bring to bear a holistic education that builds the mind, heart and spirit. The Diocese of Manchester notes,


Every family wants their son or daughter to excel in school; to be the best version of themselves; to Shine Brighter in Catholic schools. And that’s exactly what our schools offer families. Students shine brighter because they’re in a safe community, they are known and loved, and formed to be faith-filled leaders strengthened by the love of Christ.


“Throughout this period of distance learning, Catholic schools are working hard to teach the whole person and not just the mind. Here at Catholic Booster, we couldn’t be more proud to spotlight such acts of faith.” concluded Ryan Bilodeau

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