Fleet tracking software and its advantages



In recent years, GPS fleet tracking software has experienced a boom in technical innovation that has opened the door to a steadily increasing cost curve. The fast-moving technologies and the growth of wireless networks are the main contributors to these new prospects.

After the invention of GPS chronometers and compasses, the system was around. Radio-based navigation was developed and used in the early 20th century during World War II. The Global Positioning System, now commonly known as GPS, has been developed, built and operated by the U.S. Ministry of Defense. This was the first brainstorm in the Pentagon in 1973 and came into service in 1978. By the mid-1990s, the 24-satellite network was fully operational.

Today’s GPS systems are so cost-effective that shoppers use GPS on cellular devices, and parents even use GPS to track their cars when the kids are behind the wheel. Industrial GPS tracking systems are highly advanced, mixing the use of satellites, mobile networks, and software program technologies to provide state-of-the-art fleet managers with the ability to track almost anything, right down to oil change notification and idle engine speed. 

Can a driver be worried about having a personal meeting off-road? That’s not a problem, because today’s GPS fleet monitoring software makes geofencing very easy to ensure drivers stay on the road ahead

Map of the city can be easily uploaded, as can maps of the entire country. A single dispatcher can keep track of more vehicles and help drivers find alternative routes when necessary. Some of the fleet tracking software comes with built-in maps and additional features relating to fuel use, maintenance records, tire inflation, and other safety information.

Today’s GPS database for business owners and governments uses the same technology developed for military applications. The accuracy is unquestionable, and the number of applications is virtually unlimited.

Fleet tracking software may be used by service vehicle owners to record information about the amount of time spent with customers and to verify the driver’s route. One company reported savings of $40,000 annually by reducing the amount of time spent by drivers, either from being lost or simply from “hanging out.” So, whatever the system costs, it will pay for itself in a very short period of time.

One of the unique uses is in the area of auto finance. Vehicles can be easily positioned and recovered with discreet devices that the borrower will never be aware of. Repossessions are made safer for drivers. The small dealership can rest easy on its ability to recover the vehicle if necessary.

Fleet tracking software equipped with a GPS database can be used to track large inventories or a small group of busses. The more vehicles you have, the more savings you will have.

Numerous companies have collaborated with other ones, including Google, to deliver 3D mapping. These 3D technologies provide fleet managers with more efficient tools to find addresses, re-route vehicles, and get a “lay of the ground” while the drivers are out and about. These features can be accessed from a mobile device to provide the fleet supervisor with real-time data on each vehicle in a fleet, virtually anywhere in the world.

The mapping feature is not error-proof, but the reliability of mapping systems is continually enhanced by Google (and other mapping companies) GPS fleet tracking software will include start/stop data, geofencing, traffic alerts, re-routing support, speed data, weather overlays and estimated arrival times for fleet supervisors, just to name a few. 

For as little as a dollar a day, all these approaches can be made; the cost can be easily balanced only by reducing the forfeited idle time of the engine. It’s really exquisite how fast GPS fleet monitoring software has advanced not only in the last 100 years but in the last 15 years. What lies ahead is still to be seen. 

FleetPal Connect is a fleet maintenance software that uses cloud-based technology to make operations easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

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