Apple iPhone SE 2020 – Better than iPhone 8?



Since the dawn of the mobile age there have been thousands of mobile phones introduced by brands; some of them are famous but others are never heard of. The quality of the products vary from the best to the worst but this doesn’t stop people from buying the most latest.

Top features to examine when comparing Mobile devices

But as mentioned above that not all mobile phones are of the same quality; so the people have to be very careful in selecting the right one. There has been a debate that the new iPhone SE 2020 is a better choice for you than iPhone 8. But before you take the plunge of buying any mobile phone; do examine the following features of every mobile option.

  1. There is a big difference want and need; and people on many occasions confuse the want to need. When your phone has a serious problem or is completely broken; at that time you need a new phone. But if there is nothing wrong with the old one and you still want to buy then it wants.
  2. At times your credit or debit card runs off on the limit; but you have to buy the phone. So what can you do at that time? When you are searching for a phone either on the internet or physically; the most important point to look is whether the dealer is giving payment plans or not?
  3. Some times during the search you come across phones that have the right price that you are looking for. But be careful to check all features and specifications because at times the price is good but the features are not enough.
  4. For sure when you are buying an expensive phone you will want its appearance to be perfect as well. People are always attracted to a thing that has uniqueness in it. The same philosophy The same for phones. A good appearance of a phone is what you should also look at.
  5. There is a wide range of mobile phones that give different kinds of internal storage. The minimum internal space that appearance and iPhone 8 have is 65GB. There are other phones that give you the choice of external memory card slot as well.
  6. Before you go for the battery option; there are few considerations that you have to look into because these affect the life of the battery. If the resolution of the screen is higher; it will consume most of the battery.
  7. There are many brands around the world including Apple that provide their customers with the best quality in-camera. Not only the rear one but also the front camera. You have to check the number of megapixels in it.
  8. The processor is like the CPU of the mobile. A really good smartphone must and should have a powerful processor. The reason for it is that many people use it for business so they need a fast working mobile device.

Is iPhone SE 2020 better than iPhone 8?

Now in the light of the above-mentioned points; it is time to decide whether Apple iPhone SE 2020 is better than iPhone 8 or it is the other way around? The features and specifications will be discussed but the final decision lies with you.

The Price of iPhone SE 2020 is better

You will be astonished that the price of the iPhone SE 2020 is much less than the iPhone 8. The latest iPhone SE has many extra features that will be discussed further; but despite all these the price is less than the 8 versions of the mobile.

iPhone 8 almost same display as iPhone SE 2020

Both of the versions of the iPhone have almost the same display and design. But still there are two major differences; one is that the iPhone 8 has 3d touch display and it has three color choices. The screen size, resolution, pixels and even positioning of the camera are the same.

The camera of iPhone SE 2020 is different

The specifications of the camera in both phones is the same. Both have identical megapixel back and rear camera. But the iPhone SE 2020 has some extra features to enhance the experience of the users.

The iPhone SE 2020 stands out from iPhone 8

The latest iPhone SE 2020 stands out from the iPhone 8 in many ways in the technical sense.

  1. The processor of the iPhone SE is super-fast having the latest hip known as A13 Bionic chip.
  2. The battery charging is through wireless technology but the capacity of it is still not known.
  3. iPhone SE 2020 has two slots which means that it has dual sim.
  4. It has three categories of memory slots; 64, 128 and 256 GB.

What should be your decision?

All of the above comparisons show that both phones have features that are important for you. But definitely Apple iPhone SE 2020 is much better than iPhone 8 because of the additional features and specifications it has. So it is up to you to either keep the old iPhone 8 or upgrade it with the latest iPhone SE 2020.

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