How You Can Make Money with TikTok?


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Make Money with TikTok?

The new social media platform based on video is extremely popular among youngsters. People around the globe upload videos and get fan following and likes from various demographic locations.

Just a video sharing app released in September, 2017 has gained 112.3 million active users in 2020 alone, isn’t that amazing. It acquires world’s second largest social media platform after Instagram. Here the question is Earning money with TikTok, is that possible?

If TikTok influencer get income from all those followers might not be as easy as YouTube or Instagram, but there are certainly opportunities for a nice amount of money to earn your TikTok followers!


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How Does Making Money on TikTok Work?

  1. Select a unique username 2020 and create your profile at TikTok


  1. Select songs or video concepts that are popularon the social platform;


  1. Linkyour YouTube channel or Instagram profile to your TikTok account to get followers on different types of social media;


  1. Work on growing the number of followers on your profile, for example, use Tiktok Auto Liker app to gain followers and video likes.


  1. Use related hashtagsto get more targeted followers (just like on Twitter or Instagram);


  1. Collaborate with other popular TikTok influencersto raise awareness;


  1. Approach companies in your specific niche or receive sponsorship dealsfrom companies;


  1. Sell merchandisearound your personal brand if you have enough followers;


  1. Enticepeople to come to your website, other social channels, or start an email list for your followers.


Keep building a loyal follower base to earn more.

This is, of course, just a simple example of the most likely situation. Most of the work for most TikTok influencers will be building loyal followers.

People who find you interesting enough to follow on social media are not yet convertible ‘into money’, so to speak. If someone wants to give their money to you, they have to become a loyal fan. This is separate from the platform.


TikTok Wealth Is Only the Start

It makes little difference on which social network you are active as an influencer. It’s more about you as a person, and what you do exactly.


People want you, not the social platform.

If someone follows you on TikTok, he or she will also want to follow you on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and any other social network you can think of.

The main two reasons for new influencers to choose TikTok as a platform are:


  1. TikTok is new: As a result, there is a competition but not much relative to YouTube and Instagram. Other influencers have not yet proven themselves on the social platform, so you as a newcomer will have a greater chance of breaking through. The popularity that follows will then be able to convert you into a new source of income. In this case, making money is mainly about the lack of competition.


  1. TikTok focuses on video and music: When your specific talents focus on video content and music, especially for short sketches or clips, you can make it all on TikTok. It is the first social platform to focus on this. YouTube is also suitable, but it draws the video content much wider. Snapchat is also often cited as a competitor to TikTok, but the emphasis is more on chatting.

Good luck growing on the TikTok platform. If you have any questions about specific ways to make money with this social network, we are happy to answer them below!

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