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Smoother method of increasing Instagram follower is making your account attractive by that way number of likes increases which attract people to it.


A account is identified by its name, tittle, style. So first of all give a crunchy name to your account, a crispy name insist people to visit your account either they want or don’t want because it is human psychology that everyone wants unique things.

Second thing that is main part of concentration is your profile picture. Upload the eye-catching pictures which is familiar with persons feeling or emotion e.g. moral full quotes and poetry or something funny that relax the persons mood.  

Other thing is that do post on your account regularly, if someone has made account recently then they have to post more and more. In this way people start to visit your account and they started to like your posts means auto insta liker started to visit it and then they start to follow your instagram account, an easier way to bot instagram follower.


If you make the survey that which access are mostly used in internet you become well aware from that 30 % uses instagram . As we all knows that instagram is also a business site that’s why it has higher demand than other social networking site. for instagram bot follower you have to follow these steps 

Write your complete profile data.

Include a keyword for your account 

Make your account public by invite your friend and relative and also tell them to promote your account.

Start conversation with those who comments to your posts and also use hashtags by this way you involve public in your tasks. 


1 Instagram Bot Follower 

2  Social sensei

3 Instazood 

4 Ingramer


Cost 4.99 Euros per month or $6 per month.

That’s why mostly per refer to instragram bot follower become this is second cheapest tools than other markets tools.

Programmed action speediness it refers to automated activity speed by which one can set speed by own self. Message done directly which is very easy to use and can manage to pay for by average class of peoples.

VPN AND SETUP by means of this bot one can easily run their own VPN.

Security If one can well aware from the process of automation, so they are free from security issues. 

Similar bots social captain is better for the demand of customer needed services.

The other instagram bot such as social sensei, instazood, ingramer are also used for instagram bot follower. these tools are more updated tools. By the help of all these  public not able to stop their self to visit your instagram account. Account becomes  insta liker account and automatically the number of people visiting and follower start to increase by which persons earning also start to increases. Fun at the place of fun also along with earning. 



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