How to gain followers and likes automatically?



Below you will find 4 free and incredible tools that will help you to get likes and followers on twitter.


Twitter is still one of the most popular social networks today. Therefore, getting followers is one of the goals that many people and companies continue to pursue.


However, a tool that promises a magical solution to increase the number of followers will destroy your Twitter account and the credibility of all the followers you get.


The best way to attract followers on Twitter is still to interact with users, in addition to some actions that can be seen by possible followers. Some tips are:


  • Be a present and active user on social networks;
  • Share valuable and quality content on social networks;
  • Be involved with other people’s publications and tweets;
  • Make excellent use of #hashtags;
  • Be patient.


However, if you need to manage all of these activities to attract Twitter followers, we’ve chosen six tools below that will help you manage them, in addition to finding new followers. Check out!


In terms of managing Twitter, Crowdfire is one of the most complete applications. From content management to statistics for specific keywords, several apps have the premise of becoming a streamlined social media manager, where you can do everything to keep your profile attractive.


With Crowdfire, you can easily track people you meet using keywords, determine who is not following you and cancel your active account, monitor competitors’ followers and find opportunities to participate.


Have you heard of Sprout Social?


The website is very easy to use and offers many options for your content to attract the right people. You can organize the time according to your preferences, you can also organize the organizational environment for priority and access the history of conversations on the social network, etc. However, one of the main actions allowed by Sprout Social is to monitor related keywords and hashtags across Twitter and send participation opportunities directly to your Smart Inbox, thus attracting more followers.


Refokkow helps you to generate audience.


Finding your audience is laborious and time consuming. Therefore, Refollow was created to simplify this process, so that you can start to increase your profile, gain new followers and increase visibility on social networks. But there is an advantage: find the right person!


To that end, the site has created smart filters to accurately find the type of profile you are looking for. But in addition to using the tool to find followers, with Refllow, you can also manage your entire account, check the degree of participation established in the network, maximize participation and evaluate each follower.


Have you heard of Hootsuite?


Hootsuite is very simple and cloud based, and has an attractive interface that provides several management options for your profile. Through the control panel, you can manage multiple accounts at the same time, not only to manage Twitter, but also to manage other social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


In Hootsuite, you can easily organize posts to ensure greater visibility on social media. To simplify the organizational strategy to attract more followers, you can conduct a personalized search and check the statistics of specific tweets, to see if your content has been followed.


The tool can also study your metrics on social networks, follow trends and measure the growth of your coverage on Twitter. With the full report, you can understand how your followers interact with your content and how to establish more interaction with them.


You can also find out how to como comprar seguidores buying followers you can boost your profile without taking risks of having your account hacked. 


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