Best Google Chrome Features and Functions Every User Should Know



Since its introduction in 2008 Google Chrome is doing remarkably well to serve its users. It currently comprises more than 65% of market share in internet browsing and there is no question that it’s not stopping here. It has done so by providing a flawless browsing experience to its users. Google Chrome has implemented some of the best features and functions to its system which makes it way futuristic than its rivals. And in this article, we are going to discuss those Google Chrome features and functions. So, let’s start without further adieu:

Google Chrome Features and Functions:

  1. Anti-Malware Program

Google Chrome has its own Anti-Malware program which helps it to fight against any unwanted problem. It has programs like Software Reporter Tool and Software Removal Tool which helps Chrome to deal with such problems. The software reporter tool (software_reporter_tool.exe) scans your computer for malicious apps which could prevent Chrome from working properly. And if it finds any harmful app Chrome Cleanup Tool removes that application from your computer. This is a very useful way to get rid of any software without installing an Antivirus. And the good thing is you don’t have to do this manually Google Chrome does this for you automatically. But for this to happen you just have to update your Chrome application to its latest version.

  1. Google Chrome DevTools:

Another Cool feature of Google Chrome is its Development Tools. Nowadays, creating a website has become a very easy job because of many platforms like- WordPress and Blogger. But if you are a pro developer then you must have to work with the codes behind a website. And this is when Chrome Development Tools comes into place. Chrome DevTools help you to understand a site’s structure and how it was built so that you could implement the changes more easily. Usually, you have to separately activate this feature through Chrome. You can do this by going to this following path through Google Chrome:


  1. Task Manager for Chrome:

One of the most important features of Google chrome is its very own Task Manager. You can get all the information about the on-going works on Google Chrome. Like, how much memory which tab and extension is using frame by frame. Another interesting fact about Google Chrome is that its Tabs completely work separately from one another. This means if one tab is not working you can simply shut that down without affecting the entire browser. You can open the task manager by pressing the shift+esc button together.

  1. Incognito Browsing Mode:

Google Chrome’s Incognito mode is another good example of good technical thinking. For example, whenever we search something on Chrome it saves our browsing data, cookies and form fields in its database. This can be a very big problem be in today’s world as hackers from all over the world could track down that data and use that for their purpose. Chrome’s incognito mode solves these problems as it doesn’t save any data from your searches. So it is a very safe place to view any kind of sensitive data without any problems.

  1. Use Google Chrome As A Media Player:

If you have short storage and don’t want to install unnecessary media applications to it then Google Chrome solves this problem for you. Because besides providing overwhelming browsing experience Google Chrome can also play videos and audio tracks. Just drag an audio or video file into a new tab and it will play that for you without any problem. It can a very suitable way to play your music without opening any other media player. You can also type “file:///C:/” from your address bar to open your favorite file.


There is no question that the Google Chrome features and functions mentioned above are truly very amazing. And they have helped Chrome to become the best browser in the current market. But there are still some problems that should be addressed as well. For example, Google Chrome uses too much computer memory. And if you look at the Task Manager Software Reporter Tool can be seen occupying a gigantic amount of memory alone which is a big problem for an average user. But if Google Chrome solves these kinds of problems soon there are no doubts that it will remain the number 1 browser.

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