5 Digital Marketing Trends to Dial Up in Uncertain Times


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In this quarantine, everything is changed, except for the digital marketers. In fact, it won’t be forged to say that in this pandemic situation, digital marketers have been overloaded with work. Yes, where this COVID-19 has destructed many businesses on the same side, it has provided growth opportunity to many other businesses such as, digital marketing. 

But still, even the digital marketers have to be careful in this uncertain situation because this quarantine has changed the routine of people and as well as the trends of digital marketing too. 

If you are the one sailing in this boat of digital marketers then let us help you in this. There are 5 trends of digital marketing that are going viral and as a marketer, you should dial these trends in this uncertain times. Let’s start! 

Personal marketing 

Gone are the days when your customers did not have enough time to see your messages or emails. The entire world is in quarantine now. So, feel free to opt for the personal marketing because it’s trending in this pandemic. Customers are waiting to receive a message or an email which says ‘hey, we are ready to serve you in quarantine’. If you think that you are capable enough to do this or even if you want your customers to know about your upcoming launch then this is the right time to promote. Everyone is all free to pay attention to you. Although, you need to assure that you are doing it in accurate manner and using the technique of ‘appealing customer at one glimpse’ perfectly. Let’s suppose you are an essay writer UK, start sending emails to your customers and tell them that you are available for online assistance. 

Customer engagement 

First thing which you need to keep in mind is, your audience has nothing to do in this quarantine. Ok, they are all set to invest their time anywhere or anything which sounds or look interesting. Why not to use this opportunity and increase your conversion rates? Yeah, by creating enough engaging posts by engaging your customers with your brand is a perfect-thing-to-do in this pandemic situation. This is the right time to integrate all your customer engagement techniques and start creating enough interesting posts for them. Here you are! With all elevated optimization and improved conversion rates. 

Customer-centric posts 

Seeking an attention of customers is no more a challenging task. Take this situation as a benefit and seize all opportunities. Even if you are the one who is planning to launch a brand then don’t wait to get this quarantine over because, if not today than never. Yes, COVID-19 is one of the biggest opportunity for all the digital marketers. Start taking tactical steps. Promote your brand and work on maximizing the audience reach. Besides this, you can introduce any useful policy and can easily gain the sense of empathy from your customers. For instance, if you provide assignment writing service UK then feel free to offer free proofreading or other things. This way, you can tell them that we understand you all are in financial crisis but, our help is still there for all of you. 

 Voice search facility

Ah, how can we skip the fact that this quarantine is making people lazy. Yes, no one wants to type now and all they want is, someone help them and do the needful just by hearing their voice. Well, why not to do this too? We know the rate of procrastination is eventually increasing and we can come like a life savior for the customers. Although, the trend of voice search was already in demand but, this pandemic has turned this demand into the need of users. So, if you want to act like an efficient digital marketer then feel free to introduce the facility of voice search. Because, a genius is the person who knows how to turn the flaws or uncertainties into the opportunity. 

Video marketing 

Ok, I know many of you must be wondering that video marketing is already in trend. Well, yes it is. But again, you can’t deny the fact that people have nothing to do except of using internet-24/7. Playing with words is not enough to compete in this situation where every other person is turning its traditional business into the digital agency. Be aware of this thing and act proactively. There was a time when you used to seek the attention of audience and aim to have at least few minutes from their hectic schedule. Now, it’s your turn to consume all their time via implementing ingenious marketing techniques. Go with the video marketing and oh, in this uncertain situation you can even have emotional connection with your audience, via video marketing. 

These 5 are tactics are now turning into the trend of digital marketing. Isn’t its surprising that how situations get changed within the blink of an eye? Anyways, try using these tactics and play safe yet efficiently.

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