Designing Website in 8 Simple Steps


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Website designing at times can be daunting. Perfect execution of a website can set your website apart from the competition. Giving you the perfect edge to gain more clients through the web world.

These days your business’s online presence is very vital. With a huge percentage of consumers turning to the internet for their retail needs. Be it shopping for clothes, ordering food or buying a house, everything is accessible online. 

With so many activities taking place on the internet, you will be making a mistake to not build up your online presence. The website shows the soul of your brand to the online public and you want them to have a positive lasting experience. As a company, it is necessary to design a website for your business as it can help you get more clients and earn more profit. 

Good website design is the formulation of many skills and disciplines. These different domains include web graphic design, interface design, web content, code design, proprietary software, and many others.

To make this seemingly tricky job of website relatively simpler we bring you a few basic steps you need to remember when designing a website.

The purpose behind the website

Before you begin to design your website you need to have a clear idea in your mind what do you want to achieve from your website. The purpose is not just your industry background it is why a customer would choose you. What is it that makes you stand apart from the rest?

If your sole purpose is to generate revenue or boost your profile, the public is likely to realize it. Your website is what speaks to your online customers and you want to make sure it is authentic and engaging.

Get to know the latest trends

The trends in website design change every now and then. You need to remain relevant by knowing what’s in and what’s not. Yet, not all trends need to be going to work for your company. 

Different industries have different needs, the best real estate website design can vary a lot from the best cosmetic company website design. So only go for trends that will work for your industry.

Here are some trends that most industries can benefit from:

Micro-interactions: These can help add personality to your website. You can use micro-interactions to add a more human touch to your website, making the customers feel like they are actually communicating. These help you develop a relationship with your customer, and can take various forms such as clicking, scrolling, hovering, etc. 

Architecture: Yes architecture can be very important, our personal favorite is the brutalist design stemming from the concept of boldness and raw aesthetics. Some major brands are seen opting for this design, the first to do so was Balenciaga the Spanish fashion house.

Chatbots: Chatbots help to deal with time loss and extra costs. It makes interacting with consumers easier overall. Automating your customer interaction allows you to keep in touch with customers 24/7. You can retain more customers and cut down the loss of potential leads.

Pick the platform 

The biggest influence on your choice of the platform is possibly your budget. Getting high-end professional companies to design your website can be at times very costly. So you need to figure out your affordability range. 

Even if you can’t afford the big bucks, don’t worry some companies do it for less. Some websites and applications help you design your website so your company can do it for yourself. 

Your theme

Now that you have all the essentials dealt with. You need to pick a theme template for your website. It gives a layout for your website, the foundation upon which everything else fits in. Pick the template that best fits your needs.

Brandify your website

Your website is the main interface of your company in this digital era. Your website should speak for your company, your ideology, your values and how you do what you do. A lot of things can impact what your website says. 

Pick the right color for your website, if you are a start-up company go for the brighter hues. Go for the color that represents your brand personality. Also, pick out the right font style that matches your brand style.

Add visuals

Add imagery that attracts the customers. It should fit in with your brand aesthetics and be relevant to your content.

Optimize your content

SEO is very important these days. You want your website to pop up in searches by significant frequency. More the public attention more the revenue. Use SEO to make Google your friend. 

Test for improvements

Software testing is very important to make sure the smooth functioning of your website. Remove any bugs before the website launches to give your customers the best possible experience.


To keep ahead in the game you need to continuously reinvent yourself as a brand and opt for new techniques to gain more customers. In this digital era, a website allows you to do exactly that. So make sure you design your website to get the best possible results. 

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