What are project management tools for construction



The integration of modern project management has been one of the greatest blessings for various industries and the construction industry is one of the topmost industries in that list. No matter the type of construction project let it be agricultural, residential, commercial, institutional or industrial, project management tools have not only increased productivity but also reduced the stress on the project managers by acting as a supplement for this complex and sensitive process. 

The duties of a construction project manager generally include making the reports and plans, resource management, finance management, risk analysis and supervising each step involved in the construction. He has to individually ad responsibly carry out these tasks under the given deadlines. The information and technology sector recognizes the needs of a construction project manager to precisely handle the resources, following schedules and working in accordance with the budget which is why it has developed specified solutions in the field of construction project management

These tools are intended to aid a construction project manager in every step of the way. From simpler tasks like making detailed reports with analysis to highly complex tasks like scheduling, resource sharing, and risk management which are quite stressful for the CPM, construction management tools are there to the rescue.

Benefits of using a Construction project management tool 


1.Gantt Charts


Gantt charts are one of the best tools when you want to include the power of visualization to your project. Gantt charts are the representation of information in forms or bars or graphs which give an at-a-glance overview of the project status. This is a great tool to reduce time and make more efficient reports.


2.Real-time Updates


Time is money. In complex projects like that of the construction industry, an instant notification is essential to maintain the flow of work. They also help in faster response to any challenges that might occur. As an added advantage, it keeps the whole team on the same page which improves coordination.




By providing a detailed analysis of each task, information about resource management and sharing, records of schedules, risk management, and time tracking a construction project management tool lets you create detailed precise reports as easily as possible.


4.Centralized online storage


Modern IT tools provide online data storage which is accessible anywhere in the world at any time. You don’t have to be physically present to get the work started or keep tabs on the ongoing processes. Even for the stakeholders, it offers great transparency which further leads to trust among the management. No more boring paperwork and trying to find that important piece of paper when needed. You can save your data online with just a click away.




Having online storage always makes one wonder about the security of your crucial information. The tools used in the construction industry have been equipped with best-in-class security to ensure that your data is safe. This security is applied to the cloud storage where the documents are stored.




File sharing has always been a mess in the construction industry. Getting permissions signed, notifying teams about those permissions, collaborating on a joint task, sharing architectural plans with every member or sharing documents with the stakeholders for their approval. All this mess is now replaced by the online file-sharing facility in a construction project management tool which lets you not only share files remotely but also keep a record. 

Now that you are familiar with how a tool can introduce you to such benefits by increasing productivity, collaborations, communication, and trust among your team members, you must be wondering which one to use. 

Essentially, all construction project management tools serve the same purpose. The only difference lies in the performance and quality of the tools and maybe some additional services. So here we bring you the top 8 tools that you can use to experience the wonders of modern project management in your construction project.

Top 8 tools in construction project management

1. Procore



Procore is a construction OS that lets you create a fully cloud-based environment for your project which includes project management, Construction financials, and safety. It is a new-age software which contains the latest web technologies. Key features include unlimited collaborators, drawing management tool and the ability to manage multiple projects.


2. BIM 360


BIM stands for Building information modeling. This software assists the BIM managers in rapid development while maintaining the budget and following the rules. Key features include performance indicators, quality assurance, and manage field data through a well-designed dashboard.


3. Jonas premier


Jonas premier offers a management software which is suitable for people of different designations involved in the project. It focuses on better document management, accounting, reporting and cost estimations.


4. BuilderTrend


BuilderTrend is one of the most popular tools in the market because of its unblemished services. Customization offered in BuilderTrend makes it highly flexible and adaptable in all construction projects. It also allows tracking of purchase orders along with private messaging for the teammates to support communication.


5. BuildTools


Apart from the basic features that a CPM tool should have, BuildTools provides an extra focus for managing and tracking the small tasks such as purchase order, sub-contractors, and other back-office tasks. Its post-construction service helps it to stand out from your regular construction management tool.


6. CoConstruct


Mainly for homebuilders and remodelers, CoConstruct offers various facilities such as scheduling, communication, client and subcontractor portals, to-dos, job log, and warranty. It offers unrestricted customization and modification as a key advantage.


7. ProContractor


This a tool designed specifically for small and middle-sized projects. With adequate facilities to manage such projects, it removes the underlooked problem of using complex features and methodologies for simpler tasks. With its integrated estimating feature, it allows automatic cost calculations for labor, resources, and equipment depending on the user input.


8. WorkFlowMax


WorkFlowMax is all-in-one software which aims to provide end to end facilities. Apart from the basic features such as time tracking, scheduling, monitoring, document sharing, and resource tracking it also offers client management all under one roof.

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