How to increase website revenue



How to increase website revenue is a topic and answer which every internet marketer wants to know. Last decade is the decade of the Internet, many people start to make huge revenue using the Internet with different tactics. The most important thing is that this will not change in a close future.

We have talked with the founder of this website, and he shared with us how he and his marketing team managed to increase their revenue by 278%, with simple tests and changes.


As he mentioned they have three different income types ( Ads, donations and affiliate program ).

The biggest income today for them is coming from Ads. They were showing 58% less profit from Ads in the past. With simple tests they start to see an increase in 5 days, here is what they did.


  • They analyzed their visitors and they saw that main visitors visit their website from mobile devices. After that they made A/B testing and they chose the places for Ads where the users used to click the most.
  • They were working hard to reach as many visitors as they can, since they reached the limit they applied for premium ads at AdThrive  (no-follow link). They were surprised what increase they started to see in just 2 months. You can expect an increase of 60% only with making this simple change if you switch from AdSense. If you are switching from another premium Ads Seller that could be different.
  • Second main income source for them is Donations. They were seeing only 1% income from donations and they decided to do A/B testing to see where they should put their button. They made two big changes here, they analyze that they need to put a Donate button at the very top of the page, because users use to spend most of the time there. Another big change was showing PopUp if a user spent more than 2 min on their website. With these simple changes they increase Donations and now they are seeing 17% income from that source.

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