7 Most Successful Android Apps In 2020




As our world has gone over the first quarter of the new decade we can clearly observe that the use of mobile apps is increasing still. The mobile app development industry is one of the most flourishing industries of this decade and this industry is forecasted to grow even more in the coming future because the demand for mobile apps is only but increasing and new app ideas are coming out on an everyday basis. 

Every mobile app development company in the world is looking to create a mobile app that becomes a huge success. And for this purpose, large sums of money are being spent on research & development across the planet by many app development companies. However, there are some apps that have been extensively used in this first quarter and are among the most successful apps of this decade.


One of the most successful and most used mobile apps in the world is still maintaining its position as one of the highest ranked mobile apps in the world. This social media platform has billions of users, individuals and businesses both have been observed to make good use of this platform. The app offers a wide variety of features and users can design their content and post it on the platform. Users can upload visual content (images and videos both), audio content and also written content on this platform using their mobile apps. The Facebook app offers many other features like a Facebook messenger that enables users to message each other and even make calls and videos calls and share files and links through this feature. Other features also include Facebook live that allows its users to broadcast live videos on the platform which has now become a fairly popular feature amongst the users across the platform.

Facebook Lite:

Facebook Lite is almost exactly the same mobile app but is just not as heavy as Facebook itself. This mobile app is more of a compact version of Facebook but offers the same features as the Facebook app but takes up way less space on your smartphones as compared to the Facebook app. Due to this, the Lite version of the mobile app has gotten much popular amongst the users across the globe and it now has millions of users happily using this version.


Instagram is also a social media platform app that allows its users to connect and build strong networks online using this platform. This mobile app has an abundance of users worldwide which include both business organizations and individuals as well. This mobile app offers many features to its users which include posting content like images and picture, video content and many users even use this platform as a blog and share their written content on the platform. This platform also offers the live broadcasting feature that helps users to reach out and engage their followers on the platform. Instagram also offers a DM feature which allows users to message and interact with followers anytime they want to.


Uber app is one of the most downloaded and used mobile apps of the new decade. The app offers a variety of features that helps its users to conveniently commute from one point to another by choosing their pickup and drop off locations. The mobile app also allows its users a variety of payment methods which provides convenience to its users across the globe. Using this app, users can also track their booked rides and see their booked cab or car on the map in real time. 

PubG mobile:

PubG mobile is one of the most downloaded mobile games of all time. It is a battle royale game that allows its users to play online with other players across the globe. The game offers a ton of features that not only make the game more interesting but these features have played a big role in retaining most of its users across the planet. In app purchases allow users to buy different outfits for their avatars. The mobile app offers a variety of maps that allows users to play in different terrains.

PubG Lite:

PubG Lite is again a lighter version of the PubG mobile allowing users to enjoy the game on their mobile phones all time while taking up very less space as compared PubG mobile. This game app has also gotten fairly popular with time with millions of users spread across the planet.


One of the most famous and renowned social media platforms of all time, having millions of users across the world and allowing the users to upload video content on the platform. YouTube is a platform that is now one of the major social media platforms being used by business organizations across the world for their marketing and advertising. 

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