The Upcoming Technology in Future Smartphones – How Will They Look?



Another decade is about to be ended, only 8 months more to go. We have seen a vast range of smartphones from 2011 to as of now and significant advancement in the technology, of course. How about the future? The smartphones in the future seem to be more meticulously embedded in our routine lives like never before. 

Based on details shared by a number of industry experts as well as some futurologists, smartphones in the next few years would become remote controls whereas some experts suggest that our future life will entirely depend on a smartphone. However, it’s just a prediction as nobody knows what will the future smartphone look like. 

Certainly, the technology is getting advanced more and more day by day and it’s involving in the smartphones considerably which indicates that the Next Generation Phone will have something really excited for all of us. Below, we’ve summarised a handsome amount of details which we may expect from the future phones. So, let’s have a look!

Phones without Buttons

A headphone jack and home button both have now been gone and it’s most likely that smartphone manufacturers, i.e., Samsung, Apple, and others will remove the rest of the phones as well. Some manufacturers have recently avoided some button in favour of swipe-based navigation, facial-recognition or touch-sensitive solutions pretending a button’s feel without a need for a real button. 

Moreover, phones with wraparound displays are likely to be produced in which a display will be stretched around the back with ease. Obviously, this technology will add a distinctive functionality which will replace the physical buttons’ need. 

Holographic Displays

We all know that hologram is an important feature in sci-fi and we’ve seen such technology in the different Hollywood movies too like Ironman and Star Wars. But will we be able to get this technology in the upcoming smartphones? 

Going a little bit back in the past – March 2014, a number of rumours indicated that iPhone 6 will be having a holographic function to allow users to get a virtual display in the air. The demonstration video showed the user interacting simultaneously with each of the three screens and even plays a game over the projector. Not unexpectedly, it did not turn on the iPhone 6, or even the iPhone 7, and there is no talk of any holographic feature for the next year’s iPhones but sometime in the future, for sure.

Fast Charging Through Air

One of the major issues with the smartphone is battery life. We all wish to have bigger battery smartphones so that we won’t carry chargers along. It appears that the day is coming closer quite quickly as it’s a prediction that smartphone brands will produce batteries that can be charged through the air. Isn’t it mind-boggling?

A company named Ossia has found out a way to produce a gadget that can be charged through Wi-Fi with ease. In order to transfer power to the battery, this technology uses frequencies between transmitters. And interestingly, this technology has already been applied to an AA battery. Of course, it won’t be available in the market with immediate effects but smartphones will definitely adopt this technology in the future. 

Environmentally-friendly Smartphones

Every manufacturer and producer strives to produce eco-friendly products and surprisingly smartphones are no different. Back in 2016 at MWC (Mobile World Congress), a solar-powered prototype was showed by Kyocera. This technology, however, won’t eliminate the need for a wall charger. 

This smartphone was mainly intended for outdoor users as well as for those who were likely to be away from a power source for a couple of days such as skiers and campers. The Kyocera company still claims that only a 3-minute of sunshine can give users enough charge to call someone for a minute. 

Next-level Power-Resistant Phones

Not everything of the future revolves around the screen as there are too many other features that will be upgraded massively. The smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung both are striving hard to manufacture smartphones less vulnerable to water damage. It means there will be a stronger adhesive on buttons as well as ports. It’s just a beginning as smartphones are likely to become a lot of more water-resistant brands are working hard to improve their devices’ longevity. 

6K-8K Display Phones

Smartphones will also have screens over 4K TVs today. Tim Leland, Vice President of Brand Development for the Telecomm company Qualcomm, expected potential technologies for smartphones to hit “6K, 8 K and beyond,” back in 2017. When businesses continue to explore virtual reality, the showing of resolutions is becoming increasingly important.

“These moves are not only to be photorealistic but to be realistic of the optic nerve,” said Leland. “It would also be the colour gamut, the colour quality and the brightness of the display, and not just pixels per centimeter.”

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