Top Health Benefits of drinking olive oil



olive oil benefits

Prevents cardiovascular disease

Olive oil is full of fatty acids, such as oleic acid. In this way, it will regulate blood cholesterol levels, decrease bad (LDL) cholesterol, without damaging the cholesterol known as good (HDL) and therefore improve blood circulation, while lowering blood pressure. check some of the best olive oil products.

It will strengthen the immune system

The body’s defence us from all types of infection is our immune system. Hence, when it is strong, it will destroy all bacteria or viruses that want to invade the body. Therefore, another benefit of olive oil is to keep the immune system always active. It is achieved thanks to the fact that the oil has powerful antioxidants as well as basic nutrients to keep the body healthy. Only in this way, it will be protected against all diseases.

Keeps bones strong

One of the great benefits of olive oil is that it helps protect the bones. In this way, diseases such as osteoporosis are prevented, taking one or two tablespoons of oil every day.

Delays ageing

Olive oil can delay ageing, thanks to the high concentration of polyphenols that it has as its main ingredients. These act as natural antioxidants. The oil has the virtue of maintaining the elasticity of the skin, thanks to the fatty acids that we have mentioned and also to vitamins E or K.

Supports digestion

Olive oil will reduce gastric acid secretion, which is a mixture of secretions from various epithelial cells. Therefore, the oil will reduce said secretion, thus protecting against gastrointestinal diseases and avoiding gastric acidity.

Relieves joint pain

Among all the ingredients that olive oil has, we must highlight oleocanthal It is an isolated natural compound that gives it its flavors, but at the same time, it is anti-inflammatory. It is for this reason that it will reduce, in a considerable way, the pain in the joints and also in the muscles.

Anti-cancer properties

Apparently, studies have ruled that thanks to the compounds in olive oil, it could prevent cancer. Again it is the oleocanthal that would be in charge of discarding the cancer cells, without the others being damaged. But not only that, but within a healthy lifestyle, the oil has such good ingredients that the risk of suffering from the disease is lower in people who take it regularly.

Fight diabetes

The studies are clear on this question: Type II diabetes cases can be cut in half, thanks to the consumption of olive oil. It is a reason for the healthy fats that are part of this food that would lead to keeping sugar levels regulated.

Vitamins A, D, E and K

  • Vitamin A : It is one of the most important vitamins for our body. It helps the heart, kidneys, and other organs to function accurately. It is very important for the eyes and for the immune system.
  • Vitamin D : Will absorb calcium and keep bones strong. But not only they, but also the muscles need vitamins like this to combine their movements. At the same time, they will keep the immune system strong.
  • Vitamin E : It is also called as the vitamin of the youth, because it is basic to prevent ageing, because it is a very powerful antioxidant.
  • Vitamin K : For the growth and care of the bones it is very necessary. But it also prevents different heart diseases as well as some types of cancer.  

Protects the liver

Liver functions will be enhanced if you take a tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach. It will help cleanse the body and also protects against so-called fatty liver disease. As its name indicates, it is the process of fat formation in this organ. There are two types within this disease. One of them is the one that has little inflammation in the cells of the liver and the second type if there is damage as well as some inflammation. Hence, oil consumption can protect you and prevent this entire process.

Moisturizes and nourishes skin and hair

Both the skin and the hair will be perfectly nourished as well as hydrated, thanks to this food. While on the hair, it will add an extra touch of shine, leaving it more natural and silky. Similarly, it will also make your growth stronger.

All these properties and benefits are found especially in the Extra Virgin, which is pure juice from healthy olives .

In the Mediterranean diet is the daily use of olive oil as a dressing for salads, cooked vegetables, sauces and sprinkled on bread instead of butter.  In addition, the oleic acid in the Olive Oils favors the frying of food allowing a slower decomposition and less fat penetration at the time of frying.

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