Corona Virus is to blame for potential uneducated future generation



There is no question that we are living in times that feel unpredictable and scary. The COVID-19 crisis is overcrowding hospitals and even making doctors and nurses sick as they are taking care of patients. Jobs are being lost and entire companies are being forced to close their doors. 

These are all problems that we are going to be dealing with for a while, and it’s even more difficult to have no certainty of when this is all going to end. This has created another serious problem and that is the sudden stop in education for most children in the modern world.

Parents are now having to deal with looking for ways to keep bringing food to the table, while they are also trying to keep their children entertained, but they are even more worried about their children’s education and future. Some experts even say that there is the potential for an uneducated generation due to the coronavirus.

The rise of online tutoring

At we are providing an outstanding service that is going to make a real difference. Live, online tutoring for Mathematics and English are just the initial stages of what is likely to become the norm for education as schools all over the world are closing their doors without knowing when they will open again.

It is essential for us to ensure that we can give your children proper tutoring during this situation. This could replace regular schooling for more than just a  few weeks or months. It could take years for things to go back to normal, and we are prepared to give you the option of responsible and efficient online tutoring services.

We are also offering people the opportunity to earn by referring their tutoring services to people. There is no joining fee and you will earn based on how many people make use of the free vouchers that you will be offering to parents in need of tutoring for their children. This is a perfect thing to recommend right now due to the importance of social distancing. 

Adapting is essential

A world that is forced to stay at home means a world that is forced to adapt. We are lucky to have technology that makes it possible for us to communicate with the world from the comfort of our homes. The sooner we start learning to make the most out of the internet to ensure that our children are staying educated, the better. 

Their future depends on their knowledge, and we can’t allow their education to be stopped by this crisis. Online tutoring offers the safest and most reliable option to give children the opportunity to stay in school from the safety of their homes.

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