Surrogate Pay Structure and Factors That Determine the Compensation’s Worth



Are you interested in becoming a surrogate? If you are, you must be fully aware that you need to dedicate a year of your life to carry and produce a precious gift to another couple who cannot bear a child of their own. Surrogacy might be controversial in some places but it is quite a noble deed. The process helps parents who are losing hope to build their families. In fact, the surrogate pay can be considered a reward to the women who took this role and helped others build their families.

The payment rate for American surrogates has variations, which depends on several factors. The question “how much a surrogate payment is worth?” is a normal question to ask for women who are interested, Becoming a gestational carrier is more than just renting out your womb, it would require you to sacrifice your body, time, and energy to help strangers. You are worthy to receive compensation for it as long as it is within the bounds of reason and as mandated by your states’ laws.

The compensation paid to a surrogate covers expenses incurred during pregnancy and base compensation. If you are interested in becoming part of the process, it is advisable to work with a reputable company. The agency can protect you from scammers who may not pay you. An agency can also assist you with the medical screening to see if your physical and mental health is both prepared to go through the procedure. When working with an agency, a surrogate specialist can assist you in what to expect as well as how much the surrogate pay will be worth.

How Much Is a Surrogate Pay Worth?

Every country has different laws and rates for the surrogacy procedure. The United States has one of the highest surrogacy fees and the best compensation for surrogates. Below is the structure of compensation that a surrogate will receive.

Base Compensation

The base compensation is the full amount that the surrogate will receive. The surrogate does not have to use her base compensation to pay for any medical fees. This is a separate payment from the other miscellaneous fees involved in the process. The average base surrogate compensation in the US is around $25,000- $30,000 for first-time surrogates. It can go higher depending on various factors, such as the surrogate’s experience, international intended parents, and surrogate’s state residence. And agreement between the parties involved.

Surrogacy Expenses

Aside from the monthly payment for the base compensation, a surrogate will not spend anything on medical and other expenses related to the pregnancy. The intended parents will pay for the medical, legal, and travel expenses involved in the process.

Miscellaneous Compensation

There are other things involved that may not be categorized under surrogacy expenses but it can still be related to the pregnancy. A surrogate will be compensated on other factors depending on the agreement made with the agency and the intended parents. Invasive procedures and breast milk pumping can be included in the miscellaneous compensation. In some cases, food supply can also be under miscellaneous fees.

What Factors Determine a Surrogate’s Pay?

The intended parents’ budget plays a huge role in the fees to be paid to the surrogate. International parents can pay more to the surrogate. Another factor that can increase a surrogate’s pay is the woman’s experience in surrogacy. Most of the time, the experience can highly impact the payment rate. Women who have previous surrogacy procedures will receive more compensation since they are already proven to have carried a healthy pregnancy. First-timers can have a bit of lower compensation since there is a level of uncertainty involved.

Why is the surrogacy procedure expensive?

The surrogacy procedure involves many professionals, both medically and legally. The process of the IVF or insertion needs a specialized medical professional to do the work. Meanwhile, the contracts and laws that are needed for the agreement need a legal professional. The complexity of the procedure needs a team of experienced professionals. Aside from the payments made to the agency and the professional team, the intended parents must also compensate the surrogate mother.

Before going into this procedure, you must know the details of the process. Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Adhere to the requirements and be ready for the procedure. Check your state laws to ensure that you will partake in a legal agreement to protect your rights and interests.


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