7 Features to consider in a new Gaming TV


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Video games are one of the largest forms of entertainment available today. We all enjoy playing video games. A right gaming console lets you enjoy your favourite games to your heart’s content. But a mere gaming console is not enough to get the best gaming experience.

Here comes the role of a good LED TV. A perfect LED TV is the right combination for your gaming console. The question is, what makes a TV great for gaming purposes. Well, many features make modern TV ideal for gaming. A TV buying guide can help you in buying an LED TV for gaming. 

Read on to know about some of the most needed specifications that you should check while buying an LED TV!

  • Lower input lag

A television’s input lag is the total of time that is consumed between a picture garnered by a source and that image appearing on the screen. Latency or lag ruins a gamer’s ability to react to obstacles and enemies. It is the difference in time between the press of a button and its corresponding action on the screen. 

Lower latency is always good for a gaming TV. If the input lag is high, you might be at a disadvantage while playing competitive multiplayer games. Ideally, a gaming TV that has a latency of 30ms or less is a superior choice.

  • High resolution

Resolution is another important factor that you should consider while buying a TV for gaming. A higher resolution allows you to see more fine details in your games. The most popular resolution today is 4K. 4K resolution refers to a horizontal display resolution of approx. 4000 pixels. It has 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels which is four times more than a normal TV. With such high resolution, the pictures displayed on the screen are clearer and less pixel visible.

  • Game mode 

Gaming TVs offer a feature called Game Mode to help gamers start with them in no time. The Game Mode is a picture mode. It removes unnecessary post-processing used for displaying regular content. It sets sound and picture at optimal levels while keeping input lag low. You should always check that the TV you are going to buy has a Game Mode feature.

  • HDR

HDR (High-Dynamic Range) is the most-needed feature of a gaming TV. HDR is as important as high resolution on a TV. It is a technique that produces images with a greater dynamic range of luminosity than what is possible with standard techniques. It is a measure of contrast. 

HDR is always worth the money. It creates an image with well-defined details and sharper contrast making blacks darker and whites brighter. You can notice the impact of this technique on any screen size. It is well supported by all the gaming consoles. 

  • Adequate connectivity options

Connectivity options are a vital aspect of gaming TVs. HDMI ports and cables are available in all gaming TVs. But you must ensure that the ports are compatible with the latest gaming consoles. Some of the new gaming consoles need the latest HDMI 2.0 and 2.0a to be operative. You should always check that the LED TV you are going to buy has the desired ports.

  • Refresh rate

The refresh rate is another aspect you should check while buying a TV for gaming. A normal TV has a refresh rate of 60Hz. But in gaming TVs, you may get a refresh rate up to 240 Hz. A Higher refresh rate is vital for gaming TVs as it allows the screen to be in pace with the movements of the player. 

  • Auto-detection function

There are many gaming TVs that automatically recognize a gaming console when it is being connected. The TV can recognize it every time you connect it and switches to the port any time it turns on. This is a convenient feature, and you can check this while buying a gaming TV.

These are some of the specifications that you should check while buying an LED TV for gaming. Being equipped with the latest technologies, gaming TVs are expensive. You should always plan your budget. 

You can consider buying an LG TV at no cost EMI. There are many other TV brands providing offers and easy payment facilities. You can research online and offline before making a decision.

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