Covid 19 Corona Virus Impact on tourism and Desert Safari Businesses



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41 more cases of COVID-19 were declared on Monday in the UAE, which increased the overall number of affirmed cases in the whole country to 611. Everyone is in a safe condition apart from two people, who are being infected by this and are not well. Deaths of 2 people have been reported until now, and overall death cases are 5. On the other hand, three individuals are now stable; out of which there were 2 Indians and one Filipino.

The official representative of the UAE; Dr. Farida Al Hosani, uncovered the new numbers in a conference in Abu Dhabi. She likewise said that 36 more people were infected because of one individual. The official wellbeing service representative alluded to the guidelines of His Majesty Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is the prince of Abu Dhabi and the Supreme Officer of the UAE Military, to set up a few versatile COVID-19 test facilitation points in the whole country.

On Wednesday, Dubai guided the private division to execute remote working for most staff, however, excluded a wide range of organizations. The following day, the UAE government requested every single federal service and foundation and the private organizations to constrain the quantity of staff in workplaces to 30 percent, excluding segments giving what the administration considers to be basic administrations.

The most recent estimates come as the nation gradually followed the other Gulf States in suspending flights and shutting down public places, for example, cafés and shopping centers.

Eight pharmacies shutdown in Sharjah

Eight drug stores were closed down in the emirate after they were discovered increasing the cost of sanitizers, masks, and gloves.

The  Economic Development Department of Sharjah led investigations at 28 drug centers in the emirate, said authorities, including that four of them, were given fines and nine others were handed notices. The inspection was directed when the customers complained that they were selling sanitizers and face covers at an expanded cost.

The SEDD affirmed that it is taking every single vital measure to keep the dealers from misusing their clients during the present conditions, taking note of that authorities are persistently observing the circumstance.

Impact on tourism

Account specialists state it’s too early to compute the size of the hit to worldwide or Middle Eastern business, as nobody realizes to what extent this emergency situation will last and how serious it will turn into. Be that as it may, governments and significant carriers over the locale have postponed their China flights, with some accepting guests who have as of late been in China. Government ordered to close the Desert safari camps.

Coming to the peak vacation season for the Gulf, this could mean a hit for certain nations that invite enormous quantities of Chinese travelers, especially the United Arab Emirates — the site of the locales originally affirmed coronavirus cases.

The UAE sees the greatest volume of Chinese vacationers anyplace in the Middle East — one in every 16 guests to the UAE is from China, or 6% of its absolute the travel industry — and they will, in general, spend intensely on Dubai’s very good quality shopping and on bundle visits and resorts. Over the Middle East, 2.4 million Chinese guests headed out to the district a year ago, involving 2.7% of the locale’s aggregate of 91 million travelers, as indicated by CEIC information. Another huge tourism of desert safari has been adversely affected and came to a complete decline.

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