Can wearing hair too tight, cause hair loss (Traction Alopecia)



The hairline has some of the excellent, shortest, most unstable hairs—they don’t call them baby hairs for anything—yet it’s also where many women do the most adverse styling. We oil our edges down with gel, plait them back, iron them into compliance, and bruit them rigorously. All of this heavy-handed styling leaves the hairline at risk for traction alopecia.

Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss where the hair thins out after extended pressure on the hair follicle, and it’s most prevalent around the front hairline. According to a prevailing survey, around one-third of African-Asian women suffer from traction alopecia ( hair loss ) from styles and styling techniques that put a lot of pressure on the hair, like wearing tight plaits or extensions, putting crucial heat on the hairline, getting chemical treatments, putting in a weave, frequently using a tight sponge roller, and brushing already weak hair. Other habits that can cause it to include jerking hair back tightly into updos or ponytails, and wearing headbands tightly in the same place every day.

Even if you think you have a healthy styling method that avoids hot gadgets or relies on protective styles like wigs, you could still be putting your delicate, baby hair at threat. A well-known hair expert says even wearing a hair wrap every night can cause traction alopecia because it brushes against the front hairline. The answer here is repetition: Traction alopecia that is hair loss takes hold when you repeat these tight styles and rigorous hair patterns without giving your hair a rest.

If you incline to do a lot of these styling errors (and, let’s be truthful, we all have our ponytail weeks), there are numerous early threat indications to look out for and steps that you can take to help protect your hair before it’s too late! Also, in case you are finding a permanent solution for all your hair loss then you should probably visit an expert. 

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