Insomnia and its health effects



In research conducted by the science-daily, a popular health magazine, they found that almost 25% of the whole American people are suffering from Insomnia. Can you just imagine how acute the percent? Not only in America, but rather the whole world is also suffering from the acute insomnia problem. People are facing so many problems due to the insomnia problem.

In this article, I basically going to talk about the causes of insomnia from my experiences gathered from reading so many articles, blogs, health magazines, and books. 

Before jump to the health effects, let me first break down several stages of insomnia.

According to healthcare, one of the leading researched-based health magazines, the claimed that there five stages of insomnia. Some are just at the beginning stages and some are cronical. You don’t need to be that much worried or getting panicked because you can get rid of it just simply maintaining the lifestyle or reducing the stresses and depression for taking some medicines you easily can get rid of insomnia with the lowest possible time. 

  1. incessant a sleeping disorder endures a month or more 
  2. intense a sleeping disorder keeps going a day or days, or weeks 
  3. comorbid a sleeping disorder, related to another turmoil
  4. beginning a sleeping disorder, trouble nodding off 
  5. upkeep a sleeping disorder, powerlessness to stay unconscious

So let’s go to the main heading of our topic that is is the health effects caused by insomnia but hey first you need to identify the stages of Insomnia you are suffering from and just follow the stages we described in our previous section was identified by Healthcare. 

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  1. If you already are suffering from some cronical diseases, insomnia will make them worst than ever. We have identified several diseases and those are:
  • stroke
  • asthma attacks
  • seizures
  • weak immune system
  • sensitivity to pain
  • inflammation
  • obesity
  • diabetes mellitus
  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease


      2. Simply can suffer from so many medical disorders like :

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • confusion and frustration
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     3. Insomnia you will suffer from a sleepy mode all over the day and night and you will continuously feel like you are tired you are not in a perfect model to do any critical task like driving doing maths walking into the road or some other tasks like that we have identified several risks that can be conducted just because of insomnia. 

  • performance at work or school
  • sex drive
  • memory
  • judgment

       4. It is a silent killer and it gradually will shorten your life expectancy.  surprised why simple insomnia I am in lack of sleep can lead you to death so soon?  ok let me explain this in our body we have some hormonal functions that is called growth hormone.  That growth hormone usually secret to our body at 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. I mean just in the middle of the night.  so when we are not in a deep sleep, those hormonal functions cannot help us anymore in our growth function brain development system, and finally the respiratory system, that is helpful to fight against the bacterias viruses and so that things like that.  so simply your body will getting vehicle and it lead you to death dramatically. 

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