Lipstick is one of the most essential makeup products in a woman’s kit. As easy as it sounds, perfecting the lip makeup can turn out to be pretty tiresome. But do not worry, we have you covered. 

Let us start off by learning the steps of applying a lipstick. Once you get a hang of these steps, you can work your way out with any kind of lipstick, be it a liquid or crayon lipstick.

Step 1: Prep your lips

Prepping your lips before the makeup is the most important step and you must never skip this no matter what. Prepping your lips includes cleansing and hydrating them. Your lips should be properly exfoliated and hydrated to ensure that your makeup does not end up looking flaky and blotchy. Step one includes two tasks, which are:

  • Cleansing: First of all, start by washing and cleansing your face. Next exfoliate your lips using some good lip moisturizer of lip balm. You can also use a good lip primer if you have it. 
  • Moisturizing: Your lips ensure that the makeup you put up will not have dry spots. This step is important to get a perfect and smooth surface for you to apply your makeup on. 

Pro tip: Another reason step one is important as you can correct the colour of your lips so that the makeup looks good. Say if you have dark-coloured lips, there might be some shades of colours that might not suit you. To get rid of this issue, make use of some light-coloured foundation powder to give your lips a lighter shade. After applying the foundation, you can apply whichever colour or shade you wish. If you buying lipsticks online, get yourselves the shade that will suit your skin complexion well.

Step 2: Outlining and filling

If you want your lipstick to stay for good long hours, outline and fill your lips with a good lip liner. This is a trick used by professional makeup artists and not many are aware about this. By applying your lipstick over a lip liner, it makes your lipstick to last longer on your lips. If you do not believe us, try it out and you will be amazed! You can also make use of your lip liner to give your lips the finishing touches. This will help give your lips and nice and clean finish.

Pro tip: Want a muted lip? Apply some concealer on your pained lips and skip the lip liner. This will give your skips a beautiful muted finish.

Step 3: Make a note of your lip shape

While applying a lipstick, it is very important for you to keep a note of the shape of your lips. There are basically two kinds of lips:

  • Fuller lips: For you ladies with beautiful fuller lips, you ought to use lip stick shades have a darker tone. Also, you should use a lip liner that has a dark or medium-dark shade. This trick is used to make your lips look a little smaller. Whereas if you want to give your lips a confident a fuller finish, you should go for lighter shades.
  • Thinner lips:  If you have thin lips, outline your lips with a lip liner that is in the shade of your lips. This trick will help in adding volume to your lips, in turn making them look fuller. Instead of drawing on the lips, you can make the outline a little higher than your lips and add more volume to your thin lips.

Pro tip: While you are applying your lipstick, always remember to start off from the middle and then move outwards. This will help you focus on the fullest part of your beautiful lips and will ensure that you have more control over the application and precision of your final look.

Step 4: Giving precision to your lips:

If you face issues while trying to make your lips look precise, you can start off by making a small ‘X’ make on your cupid’s bow using the lip liner. This mark will ensure that you will have a precisely defined lip bow and you will also be able to use this as a guide to fill in the rest of your lips.

Next, make use of a lip brush to get a perfect line. A lip brush is super popular amongst makeup professionals as it gives a more precise and smooth application.

Step 5: Setting your lip colour:

Blotting your lips at the end of your makeup application is very important. This is because it ensures that your lipstick lasts longer and does not get smudgy and messy. You can do this by gently pressing your lips together by keeping a piece of tissue paper in between your lips. This will remove the excess lip colour present on your lips that can later cause your makeup to become messy.

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