EOC Revolutionizing The Fashion Of Clothing



Clothing has been a part of human civilization from its wake. The civility of human civilization has been measured very often with clothes. The style of wearing garments has been revolutionized over the years and the new styles which are being opted in the present days pay intricate attention to the contours of the human body. The clothes are also an indication of the years and the fashion which is directing the world at the present. 

Following up with this content, Michael James Young Jr. who had been a great community activist over time has helped to develop a new range of clothes that pay very close sensitivity towards the clothes which are being developed in the present times. The fabric developed by his team is closely related to the clothes which are made with hands. The special handmade clothes have earned a special place for Michael James Young Jr. in the world of fashion. His company is named Executive Order Clothing which offers premium street apparel which is designed as handmade clothes. The fabrics which are used by the company are extremely forthcoming and very comfortable. 

Capitalist Ventures

Two separate Chinese venture capitalists have offered to buy out Executive Order Clothing. The company is mostly active in North America, Asia, and Europe. The sourcing of the fabric and other materials is done in a very ethical manner. Michael James Young Jr. has worked as a prison activist and he believes in ethical work in every business. The fabric is cut by hands and the clothes which are designed are solely handmade. This has made clothing popular among different celebrities all around the world. The celebrities who have already worked in collaboration include Christina Milian, Brandy, Fabolous and several more. Brandy says, “Quality and designs put aside, I think that anyone who knows the full story of Executive Order Clothing would be utterly amazed”.

Beginning And Follow-Ups

Executive Order Clothing has been working since the year 2014 and they have had great success in meeting the demands of their clients. The special feature of Executive Order Clothing is the fact that they are not working along with the trends of the regular market. They have a special team that develops their designs out of their musing which leads to classic clothes. The sheer exquisiteness of the clothes has attracted many clients and the refusal to run in the rat race of fashion has helped the company to develop unique styles over time. 

Charity Work And Ethics

Along with this, Executive Order Clothing believes in charitable work. They have donated an amount of  $124,000 to the funds which have been specially dedicated to the betterment of those who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in South Carolina. The works which are done by them are quite massive in their reach and extent. The company believes in a friendly environment for work. They have donated to the chase of building shelter for the homeless and have donated about $200,000 for this purpose. 

As already said by Michael James Young Jr., controversies will always be in the path of someone who wishes to achieve something different. Therefore, Executive Order Clothing has focused more on their work rather than devising methods to deal with the ways other companies work. This has provided them with a better way to deal with fashion muses. 

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