Useful Tips for How to Apply Lash Serum and The Mistakes You Should Know



Almost everyone craves long and fluttery eyelashes. 

Eyelash extensions and volumizing mascaras have been women’s choice for a couple of years because they yield dreamy and instant results. However, they are not considered the eyes’ best friends due to high cost and the sticky and heavy feeling they give to eyelashes.  Review brands such as : ( woolash reviews , nourishlash reviews , Revitalash reviews  )

Eyelash serums may seem the stuff of legends but these potent, clinically proven elixirs applied above the lash line are the fastest, safest pathway to growing the glorious, lush, natural lashes you’ve always dreamed about.

When we talk to people about lash serums, we’re continually asked two questions: What do lash serums do? And do they work? Our answers are “Yes!” and “Yes!”.

To get the most effective result from your cilium liquid body substances you need to learn some important tips in applying lash serums. Many ladies don’t confer with consultants or browse directions fastidiously before victimising the merchandise which regularly cause grave aspect effects. a fast search on the web would have prevented an unwanted side effect.

Eyelash serums don’t seem to be your usual mascaras and further caution should be taken. Ok, let’s take it easy, applying your favorite lash serum isn’t an enormous deal, once you are doing it once or double – within the morning and at the hours of darkness – it’ll want a breeze. But initial of all, let ME run you through some helpful tips to stop any aspect effects.  


Always wash your face to get rid of any makeup or cream that may interfere with the ingredients within the lash liquid body substances. you must wipe your face and eyelids dry with a towel. confirm you furthermore might wash your hands clean to prevent bacteria from interacting with the serum. it’s dangerous to use an unclean hand once applying lash boosters or the other beauty products. Dip the comb into the serum bottle and take away additional liquid. don’t kind the habit of putting a high quantity of liquid body substance on your eyebrows. you must notice that serums are extremely targeted and its result will be seen with consistent use instead of the quantity of product used. forever apply a skinny layer of the lash serum on your lash root-line. don’t apply along the lower line of your lash to stop the serum from spreading out throughout blinking. If you’re accustomed to applying war paint you should haven’t any drawback applying the lash serum. Use the device brush to figure at the bottom of your lashes from the outer to the inner corner of your lash line. Now, this can be the element that the majority girls do wrong. they begin to use alternative makeup throughout the morning or sleep rapidly at the hours of darkness once applying the lash serums. this can be thus wrong. you wish to attend for a minimum of ninety seconds before applying your makeup or attending to have sex the serum.

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