How to achieve a fast and efficient cleaning at the end of your tenure In London



Your tenancy has come to an end and you have everything ready and ready for your move in, but there is one last thing to do and that is to get your deposit back from the landlord. One of the conditions in your lease is likely to state that the property must be left in a similar condition as it was when you first moved in, which hopefully means you have to do some cleaning. 

The best and fastest way to get a property back to a condition it was in when you first moved in is to focus on the main areas that the owner is likely to inspect. To help expedite the End Of Tenancy Cleaning London process, Make sure the property is reasonably empty and stocked with your favorite all-purpose cleaner, vacuum cleaner, broom, multi-surface disposable wipes, microfiber cloths, and dust disposal liners. Get to work. Oh, I almost forgot; Another thing you might need (this is optional, of course) is some music to work with, I find this helps make cleaning not seem like a boring chore. So with your favorite music or radio station blasting through your head or headphones, let’s grab one room at a time and start the cleanup! Cobwebs and Dust Use a brush or vacuum to remove any cobwebs and use microfiber cloths or wipes to quickly clean radiators and other dust-collecting furniture.

 Remember to clean the fingerprint marks from the walls, doors, and other surfaces and use your trash liner to pick up used wipes and any other trash you find. Clean the inside and outside of bathroom cabinets, bathtub, sink, mirrors, and all other surfaces, just like with the kitchen if cleaning was done regularly this should be quick and easy. Carpet floor. If the premises are carpeted, this is the final part of the rental cleaning that will require professional equipment or expert cleaning services to ensure it is done correctly. 

Unless you own a home carpet cleaner, the only other means of personally cleaning your carpets is to rent a carpet cleaning machine. Alternatively, professional carpet cleaning companies and services are widely available in many cities and at reasonable prices; which means that using them will be money well spent, especially if you guarantee your deposit back. Vacuum or Sweep Starting at the top of the room, getting rid of cobwebs, etc, we have now worked our way down to the bottom where all the dust and dirt has accumulated and all we have to do now is just sweep it or suck it up. If the facility has carpet floors that haven’t been professionally cleaned in a while, there’s a good chance this is necessary and we’ll fix it later. 

Kitchen Cleaning, is one of the rooms that will be closely inspected and if the appliances and furniture in this room have not been cleaned regularly during your tenure, then prepare to break a sweat. However, if the cleaning has been maintained regularly, then this should be easy, all surfaces will need cleaning. Particular attention should be paid to the interior and exterior of kitchen units, refrigerator, microwave oven, and range (this includes an oven, extractor, and hood). Make sure the kitchen sink is free of limescale (use a cleaning product to remove limescale or just use baking soda and vinegar as an alternative). Bathroom This is another room that needs special attention, So work with that universal cleaner, microfiber cloths, and multi-purpose wipes and make sure it is limescale free, mold-free, shiny, and sanitized. Go the extra mile for the strict completion of the tenancy inspection. 

The above cleaning will generally satisfy the average homeowner doing a quick inspection, but for those strict homeowners it would be wise to go the extra mile and clean the windows (frames and sills included), edging dashboards, light fixtures, and switches, door handles, curtains or blinds. 

If all of this cleaning seems like too much, call in a Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning London company that can do the job for you in no time. but for those strict homeowners, it would be advisable to go the extra mile and clean the windows (frames and sills included), skirting boards, light fixtures, and switches, door handles, curtains, or blinds.

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