6 Spots in Hyderabad that Will Bring a Great Spirit in You



Do you love to go to different places? Do you like that you should spend less and explore more vibrant spots? Well, there are myriad of spots that you can visit and explore if you have the right budget. But again, if you are smart enough, you can save a great amount on your traveling too-. You have no idea how exploring new places can bring a distinct change in your personality.

Well, the point is there are so many cities in the country itself that you have never tried to explore. You have no idea how wonderful places are there in India. For example, have you ever explored the destinations in Hyderabad? Come on, it is time that you book your Hotel in Hyderabad and ensure that you visit different places in the city. There are so many destinations in the city that will bring a smile on your face and create so many beautiful memories n your heart. Keep on reading to know more.

1. Hussain Sagar Lake

This is a splendid spot situated two km from Hyderabad city center. It is the heart shaped lake that is scattered over an area of five point seven square kilometres. You can easily spend tranquil, enjoyable, and happening time at this amazing place.  Similarly, you can even relish the water sports and laser show. There is a gorgeous Buddha statue in the centre of the lake that is also one of the main fascinations. You can even have a taste of boating in the waters of this fine lake. The views at the time of sunset and sunrise are absolutely mesmerizing. Similarly, the lights mirroring in the water of the lake during the night time appear beautiful.  The lake might give you an apt and gorgeous backdrop for a perfect picture! No matter you are with your friends, family members, alone or even colleagues; you can have a rich and good time at this splendid lake.

2. Hyderabad Botanical Garden

This is situated on Gachipoli-Miyapor highway. The spot is no less than a paradise for nature lovers. Scattered in one hundred twenty acre area, the place has different varieties of plants and trees. The spot was constructed to preserve them and enlighten people about them. The splendid park is divided into nineteen sectors, every single including diverse type of trees and plants. There are refreshing water bodies in garden, huge fields and gorgeous rock formations that fetch it a natural forest aura. The destination even possesses variety of insects and birds that adds to its beauty.   From time to time, even nature camps are also constructed at this place. The place should be on your visit list if you want tranquillity and beauty.

3.  Golkonda Fort

This is a true treasure in the heart of Hyderabad. You know the Archaeological Survey of India takes the Golkonda Fort as an amazing and archaeological star. A former capital of the Qutb Shahi Dynasty, this fort is now serving as one of the famed and most loved picnic spots in Hyderabad. It is undoubtedly an architectural masterpiece of all eras. In case you are in this Nawabi city, make sure that you pay a quick visit to this grand fort. The architecture and overall creativity of this space is going to beguile you for sure. You are going to have some rich moments from the past and may experience it as a ride to a creative mind.

4. Jalagam Vengal Rao Park

This is one of the oldest yet enjoyed parks in Hyderabad. The spot is packed with natural beauty and relaxation in the centre of crowded streets of Banjara Hills. It is a nice place to visit during the time of early morning or late evenings and you may even go for jogging there. The garden possesses a rich aura of newness and slackening in it. It is one of the most preferred hangout destinations for people who love nature. Whether you want to have relaxing walks with your partner or you are looking forward to have a good time with your friends or family members; this place would be an apt place.

5. Mecca Masjid

This It is kind of a spiritual sight and Mecca or Makkah Masjid is considered to be one of the oldest spots to witness in Hyderabad. It is listed as one of the top heritage places in India; the Masjid has got its name after the elements that were taken there for building from the well-known city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The structure stands at a height of 23 meters, and not simply reserves its place in the most spectacular places to visit in Hyderabad but it is even one of the hugest mosques in India. The rich design and fine carvings of this structure will give you a great delight. You surely are going to make some amazing moments in this place. The divines blended with innovation will get you a good time for sure.

6. Ramoji Film City

Well, this film city is not just one of the famous tourist places in Hyderabad but it even grips a Guinness World Book Record for being a home to more than fifty well-equipped film sets at a single sight. It is full of really massive sets and the entire space is filled with so much of innovation and chic. If you are planning to visit this place then you require to spare a whole day. The film city is so massive that it would eat up some hours. Whatever be the case, you are surely going to cherish your visit to these phenomena. And you know what, while you walk through the place, you may spot some areas that you think you have seen in the past. And it I will be because many movies have their scenes shot at this splendid film city. You may get to see those places in real that you often watched on the screens.


So, to sum up, Hyderabad is a great city for you to explore amazing spots for your merriment, enjoyment, knowledge and most importantly fun. These sports of Hyderabad are going to bring a new spirit in you.

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