Money Symbol Used In The Simpsons



The Simpsons is an animated comedy series that isa matter of curiosity for everyone about how they know them, consisting
of episodes that anticipate events on the world agenda. The selection of the
characters in the Simpsons or the scenes of the events continue to surprise us,
like the repetition of the events that affect the world.
Many symbols experienced in The Simpsons can giveus light on some issues such as conveying the thoughts of those who shape the
world in the future. Here I am going to tell you the truth of the money in a
scene in The Simpsons. There is no information about what it is or where it is
used, but it is a sign that we think will appear in the future.

In the image we took from the scene, this moneysymbol scene, which was included in the first short shots of the Simpsons, was
not used in the previous episodes of The Simpsons, which were repeated with the
start of the Fox series life in 1989. It is not yet known that the use of this
scene has been discontinued, but what the icon found there is trying to
explain. However, the episode change of The Simpsons, which started
broadcasting the Fox series, occurred a few more times, and some scenes were
also replayed, changing. However, we are sure that this series, which predicts
many events, will present this symbol in a different way.

The Simpsons has listed for you the events thatwere published and actually happened;

– Decapitation of Columbus statue

– Crypto currency

– Trump’s election as president

– Disney – Fox merger

– September 11 Attacks

– Corona Virus

– Beirut Explosion

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