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According to IBGE, Brazil currently has more than 132 million active users of social networks, have you ever imagined the ability to publicize its services in view of this high number of users?

The search for results through Up Digital marketing for small companies is growing.

Mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, desktop computers have 112 million active users, that is, they are millions of people connected through the internet looking for services that can at this very moment be related to your company.

Small companies are looking for efficient and quick ways to advertise and expand their products, as well as services on social networks, and many of them present challenges in measuring this objective.

In this article, I seek to relate the importance of digital marketing for small businesses with digital marketing channels for small businesses, the implementation of digital marketing for small businesses and also the benefits of having a digital marketing strategy.

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Digital marketing channels for small businesses

For entrepreneurs we can explain which are the best digital marketing channels for small businesses.

Social networks are highly relevant at the moment, realize that any search you need to carry out you nowadays uses the internet and digital platforms, so are your customers.

We can divide into digital marketing dimensions for small businesses in:

  • Search Marketing based on SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
  • Search marketing based on paid ads on Google and other search engines.
  • Display marketing, through banners on specific websites.
  • Content marketing through articles and video marketing.
  • Email marketing – contrary to what many believe, it did not die and is still widely used.
  • Social networks – greater relevance.
  • But then, which one should I invest in for my small business?

It is necessary to ask the following question: Does your service meet a need or desire?

If so, it is a necessity, or a solution that cannot be expected, the ideal is to go to information channels, such as search marketing, for example.

If yes, it is a wish, the ideal for you are the display marketing channels, such as banners, videos and social networks.

Digital marketing for small businesses needs to focus on the target audience they need to reach.

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Implementing digital marketing for small businesses

After you have done initial strategic planning and determined which channel your small business fits into, you can move on to the practical part of digital marketing, that is, with the implementation of actions.

There are three ways in which digital marketing for small businesses can be implemented:

1) Internal solution – this is one of the best options to consider, given the costs, some companies end up preferring to create their team, training employees. That in the case of digital marketing for small businesses is a very viable option.

2) Hiring freelancers – this is the option to outsource the work, or also a part of it, with the hiring of freelancers to carry out some specific actions.

3) Hiring an agency – this is the first option for some digital entrepreneurs, the disadvantages are that the cost involved in this solution most often exceeds the budget available for small businesses.

Regardless of the decision chosen for your small business, it is important to have professionals who are qualified, so that your company has relevance to the point of competing with the competition, and that it will present real results, after all the objective is to pour the results of digital marketing in measurable results.

Benefits of having a digital marketing strategy

As previously discussed, the internet has updated the way in which organizations, small and large companies interact with their public.

Staying active, being present, in this environment is essential to engage a value proposition.

You can follow some benefits here by adopting the features that digital marketing for small businesses offers:

1) Audience segmentation – positive point where Digital Marketing offers audience segmentation, generating the guarantee of being in the right place and acting in the right way.

In a traditional way, even if there is a prior selection, communication campaigns seek to reach as many people as possible, this does not guarantee that they all become potential customers.

With the help of virtual tools, there is an interaction as users search for materials disseminated by the small company, and consequently leave clues about the type of solution they are looking for.

Or, based on the information that is collected, there is an embodiment of digital marketing actions effectively.

2) Online presence – Establishing greater dedication for the small business to be noticed, however, is a mission that can be accomplished without many challenges since network users are always active and with agility and very low investment cost.

The presence of the active brand of a small company helps in the construction of a virtual identity, users who already know their products and services, will follow the news, maintaining a post-purchase relationship, that is, customer loyalty.

Abuse the visibility that social networks provide, use content production to find you through Google, know how to explore resources so that your Digital Marketing is a highlight among the competition among other companies.

4) Brand credibility – In order to effect the consolidation of your brand on the network, there are conditions that are beyond providing quality in the provision of services, it is also necessary to demonstrate how much your company, even if small, has mastery over the subject, becoming a reference within the industry.

A brand that offers credibility is the first choice of customers, opinion makers, partners and referrals to other customers.

5) Competitiveness with larger companies – You can compete on a level playing field with large organizations, this is undoubtedly a challenging action when you have a small company, because you have scarce resources that a large company has in the market, however In the case of social networks, well-executed actions can be exposed regardless of the size of your business.

6) Customer loyalty – recognizing the importance of Digital Marketing as the purpose of the search, qualifying the target audience for your business is also necessary to be concerned with establishing a bond that is definitive with its consumers.

An ideal loyalty process will make customers share your brand, giving greater visibility to the customer network.

Through the study of this article, we can conclude that a successful business requires a lot of dedication and overcoming many challenges, especially for those who are small companies, despite being challenging, this venture can be of great value in terms of solutions, and if we think of large companies previously they were smaller than the referred small companies as a condition of equity.

You can assess how much the active presence can favor the visibility and consolidation of your small business, obtaining excellent results when using digital marketing.

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