What are bed bugs, and why get rid of them?



We all know that these are small reddish insects that come outside from their infestation in the night. They bite their host and feed on their blood. These are harmful to the majority of the people because of transmitting blood diseases in people. It causes rashes in people. Moreover, this pest can destroy your sleep all night with its bites. It is highly painful for the majority of the people. It is a problem of the majority of the problem who are living in the sharing accommodation.

Where can bedbugs be found?

They always look for ways how to get rid of bed bugs. People who use to stay in hotels may face the issue of bed bugs. These animals are found in the hotels or in the areas where people stay in sharing. Therefore, it is important to check the accommodation before residing.

Due to this situation, people are encouraged not to enter bars and restaurants of any hotel. Although they are open, it is best for visitors not to visit them. But in case someone needs a drink, it will be provided to them in a disposable glass. Similarly, food is also given in disposable utensils. All the guests are asked to have their meals inside their rooms because of safety measures. These are the places where people share beds and couches and chances are higher to export bedbugs from these locations. 

Bedbugs in spas: 

Make sure about the presence of the bed bugs. How do you know if you have bed bugs? It is simple when you use the sitting area; you will feel their bite. Spas and massage parlors can be the places where bedbugs may stay in the mattresses as these are the places which are most prone to bacteria and virus so it was wise of shutting them because even after disinfection, they may still carry germs. 

How to get rid of bed bugs

If you want to get rid of the bed bugs, then you need to focus on some healthy practices and cleanliness in your home. 

Disinfection of doorknobs: 

Doors, doorknobs, and windows are thoroughly disinfected every few hours. As these are among the most frequently touched things, so if they are not cleaned properly, everyone touching them would be at risk. 

Discarding towels and quilts: 

Some of the sharing accommodations are now discarding towels and quilts after use by one guest only. They don’t wash it and keep it again in the room. However, others are disinfecting this stuff and reusing it. 

Spray pesticides

Every space inside the room and home should be cleaned and properly disinfected. Other than this, all of the accessories are sanitized, including TV, furniture, telephone, and remote control. As these are the items that are touched most frequently so sanitizing them is very important. Once space and items are cleaned, the next step is to change the sheets into more clean and disinfected ones. 

After this, the disinfection of washrooms is done after every few hours. Highly concentrated disinfectants are used for this purpose so that there is no chance of viral and bacterial contamination. 


No matter what protocols and practices to get rid of bed bugs you follow, it would be best if you made sure that none of your family members is exposed to any risk. 

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